Jason: The Famous Friday the 13th Killer

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The Jason costume is a popular choice for many horrors and scary movie fanatics. Jason Voorhees, as a character, is considered to be an all-time scariest villain. He is a psychological killer seen in most horror films and known in most horror stories. Jason has been seen in most movies being killed and yet always…

You’ll Need:

  1. Olive Long-Sleeve Shirt
  2. Tactical Polo Top
  3. Tactical Pant
  4. Jason Mask
  5. Black Boots
  6. Black Gloves
  7. Jason’s Machete

DIY Jason Costume Guide

He does not really say much and has no dialogues at all in the movie. But he makes up for it by numerously having many people killed, tormenting with victims, and haunting them for good suspense and scare, all for his enjoyment. Having it as a costume will make people view the wearer as scary yet exciting as well as iconic and thrilling.

In order to bring to life the Jason costume, a few things are needed for the look. Start off with the Goalie Mask to achieve his iconic look. Then, put on Tactical Polo Top underneath Olive Long-Sleeve Shirt. For the bottom, wear Tactical Pant with Black Boots. Finally, equip yourself with Black Gloves and Jason’s Machete to complete the whole look.

Jason Cosplay Costume

Jason Voorhees’ appearance can make fans and the public appreciates his killer looks and iconic character identity by transforming interested individuals to look and act exactly like him.

Recreate Jason costume is easy. Go and wear the signature and all-time classic ensemble of a long-sleeve polo, black boots, and dark denim jeans to start with. Cover the hands with the black gloves that Jason’s character wears simply for better grip in slashing and stabbing his victims with his machete or ax. Maintain a mysterious and chilling identity unknown to many by wearing the signature Jason Voorhees’ Hockey goalie mask. The mask has holes in the cheek and forehead area and red markings in the t-zone area of the face.

Don’t be afraid to splatter on fake blood or red food coloring in the shirt, mask, and machete for a more distinguished look. Jason may be identified as a male, but females can still wear the Jason costume idea and can pull it off either way.

jason costume

About Jason From Friday the 13th

The 1980 Horror Film series Friday the 13th is the trademark film of Jason Voorhees’ character. He is the main character that is very much into the traumatizing, killing, tormenting, and haunting victims for a living.

He is considered the “deadliest horror movie slasher”.  He uses his machete or ax for the killing spree he does, thus having the highest body count of a killer in the film.

His killing and psychotic outbreaks led to the endless slashing of victims. And it individuals became kind of a hobby to him when the death of his mother happened.

The murder of his mother has ignited the anger and pain in him for an appetite and thirst for murderous revenge to whoever he encounters. He is depicted in the film as a murderer with unlimited lives as he is always able to escape death, unlike many of his victims.

Jason Voorhees Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Jason?

1. “You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?”

2. “I’m not sure I’ll last all week.”

3. “Just wait until he lands on my old Kentucky home.”

4. “You think you’re gonna last all summer?”

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