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The Jane Porter costume comes from the Disney animated film, Tarzan. Jane Porter was depicted in various Tarzan books before she appeared in the cartoons. 

She is a very curious and brave woman who works as a zoologist. Jane Porter is very good at her job and has a hands-on approach. She travels all the way to Africa, wanting to study gorillas

She is a very proper and upper-class English woman who runs into Tarzan, a man who was raised by the gorillas she is there to study. While she is there, she goes on adventures with Tarzan. Eventually, the two fall in love with each other. 

Jane Porter has remained a popular character among girls and women ever since. If you want to dress like this successful scientist, you’re in luck. 

Below, we offer a guide on how to create your own Jane Porter costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. Jane Porter Dress
  2. Sun Hat
  3. Brown Wig
  4. Purple Ribbon
  5. Brown Pump
  6. White Gloves
  7. Hardcover Notebook
  8. Yellow Umbrella

DIY Jane Porter Costume Guide

To start off the costume, you will need to get a replica of Jane’s dress. She wears a yellow A-line dress with three-quarter-length sleeves and a midi hem. 

Around your neck, you can tie a purple satin ribbon beneath the white collar of the dress. 

Jane Porter has long light brown hair that she commonly wears pulled up under the hat. You will need to get a wig that matches these specifications and then pin it up to achieve her look. 

Show off her studious and curious nature by carrying around a hard-cover notebook as a prop.

On her feet, Jane Porter wears a simple pair of brown pumps. On her head, she wears a safari hat. You can replicate it with a tan fedora or sun hat

Finally, you will need to bring a yellow umbrella, and you’re ready to embark on an adventure!

Tarzan and Jane Cosplay Disney Defile Gravi-Ani | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jane Porter Cosplay Costume

Even though she is out in the African wilds, Jane Porter still wears fancy clothing. It shows both sides of her personality as a classy upper-class woman and an adventurous scientist as well. 

Because of the unique attire, this costume is sure to stand out to those familiar with the film. It consists of only a few simple pieces that are easy to come by, making it a great choice for beginner cosplayers.
If you want to make this costume even more special, you can have a friend dress up as her love interest and fellow main character, Tarzan, and go to the party with you. You will surely stand out in an iconic couple costume.

Jane Porter Costume

About Jane Porter 

Jane Porter is an upright and brilliant zoologist who is passionate about learning about animals, more specifically, gorillas. 

Jane Porter decides to go to Africa to visit and learn about this particular animal. While she is there, she runs into a strange sight—a man who has been raised by the apes and lives among them. 

The man’s name is Tarzan. Jane Porter sticks close to his side throughout the movie, and, eventually, the two of them fall in love.

What is the most famous quote from Jane Porter?

1. “Oh, my goodness! Daddy, I was walking. There was… was a little baby, little baby monkey, and I drew a picture!”

2. “Terrified! I was terrified! Suddenly, I was swinging, on a vine, in the air! Swinging, in the air!”

3. “You stay. I’m warning you… My father won’t take kind to you.”

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