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An I Love Lucy costume is sure to charm any lover of classic television. I Love Lucy is an old television show that starred Lucille Ball in the role of Lucy. Lucy is a housewife who is married to her husband, Ricky. The relationship between Lucy and Ricky is often at the center of the…

You’ll Need:

  1. I Love Lucy Polka Dot Dress
  2. I Love Lucy Wig
  3. Vintage Bow
  4. Black Ballet Flats

DIY I Love Lucy Costume Guide

Lucy dresses in a typical fashion reminiscent of the time period the show took place.

More often than not, she was seen in a dress with an apron over top of it. 

If you love vintage styles and the character of Lucy, you are sure to love wearing your very own I Love Lucy costume. 

Recreate her iconic look is rather simple. All you will need are Polka Dot Dress, I Love Lucy Wig, Black Ballet Flats, and Vintage Bow.

I Love Lucy Cosplay Costume

Lucy dresses in a way that mirrors the fashions of the times. Because of its simple nature, most of the ensemble pieces are ones you may already have at home. 

This makes an I Love Lucy costume popular for lovers of retro style. It begins with a polka dot black and white dress, which she often wears.

Capture the vintage styles of the times by choosing a dress with a large white collar. Over the top of the dress, you can tie a waist apron around your middle to mimic what she is usually seen wearing around the house. 

Her short red hair is usually tied back using a ribbon. You can use a standard ribbon or opt for one that is already tied around a hair tie. 

Having a partner cosplay with you can make the costume even more memorable. Dress them up as her husband, Ricky Ricardo, to turn this into an iconic couple’s costume.

i love lucy costume

About I Love Lucy

Lucy is a character on the show I Love Lucy, played by Lucille Ball. She is a traditional 50s housewife who spends much of her time caring for the home while her husband is away at work. Otherwise, she is often seen with her husband, Ricky. 

To this effect, she is often seen wearing an apron around her waist. When she is alone, she is usually getting up to some sort of antics with her friends. 

I Love Lucy Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from I Love Lucy?

1. “Ethel and I have decided that you have married us and not a television set.”

2. “Ever since I said ‘I do, there are so many things we don’t.”

3. “Here I am with all this talent bottled up inside of me and you’re always sitting on the cork.”

4. “I was going to. But, then I asked myself, ‘Why?”

5. “All I know is Columbus discovered Ohio in 1776.”

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