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The Hulk costume is one of the easiest ones that a fan can make, as it really consists of only one piece of clothing.

The Hulk is a character in the Marvel Universe. He is the alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, who is a world-famous physicist. He specializes in gamma radiation.

After an unfortunate accident involving gamma rays, Bruce Banner is left with a mutation. This mutation causes him to turn into a 9-foot-tall beast that he calls Hulk whenever he is angry or stressed.

Bruce Banner is a gentle, kind man, which starkly contrasts with his alter ego. He often struggles to know the violent things Hulk does when he comes out, making for an interesting and complex character.

Bruce and the Hulk join the Avengers in an effort to stop Thor’s brother, Loki, from trying to enslave the world.

You’ll Need:

  1. Full Body Greenman Suit
  2. Hulk Mask
  3. Muscles Padded Weightlifter Costume
  4. Green Face Paint
  5. Hulk’s Gloves
  6. Green Feet
  7. Purple Drawstring Pants

DIY Hulk Costume Guide

The Hulk’s most eye-catching feature is that he is bright green. To replicate this look, you’ll need a green body suit that covers you from head to toe.

When he transforms, he rips through his pair of purple pants. Get some purple shorts or rip up a pair of purple slacks to achieve the look.

The Hulk has massive hands that make it easy for him to throw large objects around and land serious punches. Get a pair of Hulk costume hands to wear to replicate them.

Finally, you will need to get a black wig. The Hulk has a short tuft of black hair on his head, which you can achieve with any basic wig.

If you want to look ripped like the Hulk, you can buy a padded muscle costume to wear underneath the green bodysuit.

Hulk Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Hulk Costume Cosplay

The Hulk is an easily recognizable character, even by those who may not be into Marvel comics or movies. He is impossible to miss as a bright-green, oversized man wearing purple pants.

This means this Hulk costume is a good choice for anyone who wants to stand out at a Halloween party or comic book convention.

Since Hulk is a member of the Avengers, this costume will work well as an element of an Avengers group cosplay.

Hulk Costume

About Hulk

Hulk is the alter ego of the genius physicist, Dr. Bruce Banner. Following an unfortunate accident in his lab, Bruce is inundated with gamma radiation.

These leave him with a mutation that is triggered by emotional distress of some kind. Whenever Bruce is stressed or angry, he transforms into the Hulk.

Whereas Bruce is highly intelligent, the Hulk is not and can barely speak in full sentences. When he is the Hulk, all he wants to do is smash things and cause destruction.

If Bruce Banner or the Hulk is your favorite Marvel character, you can dress in his costume to make a striking appearance at a cosplay event. Above, we’ve given you the steps to create a Hulk costume for your reference.

What is the most famous quote from Hulk?

1. “Bout time.”

2. “Boring.”

3. “Go awaay!”

4. “Hulk smash.”

5. “Hulk smash!”

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