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A biker costume is sure to be a huge hit among millennial cosplayers who grew up playing the Hotline Miami Games

Biker is an unforgettable Hotline Miami deuteragonist and a supporting character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Also known as Helmet or Hacker, he is a former 50 Blessings agent. 

He makes an appearance as the boss enemy of Part Two: Questions, where we encounter him at the end of Chapter Seven, “Neighbors.”

He returns as a playable character following Jacket’s storyline. In addition, an older version of him appears in the sequel.

He is portrayed as assertive and forthright, as well as boastful and prone to rationalization. As such, he serves as a noticeable foil to Jacket.

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Puffer Down Vest
  2. White T-shirt
  3. Relaxed Fit Jeans
  4. Green Motorcycle Helmet
  5. Fake Bloody Cleaver
  6. Fake Blood
  7. Wallet Chain
  8. Skull Head Iron Patches
  9. Black Fingerless Gloves

DIY Hotline Miami Biker Cosplay Guide

Biker instantly became a popular and iconic character from Hotline Miami thanks to his trademark outfit.

This colorful and gruesome ensemble makes him stand out among other characters and has become a style beloved by fans of the games.

His popularity and straight-to-the-point appearance make the biker costume a common one.

Get started with a simple white short-sleeve T-shirt. Over this goes a bright pink quilted vest, with or without a hoodie, which is up to you.

Next, you need to procure a pair of relaxed-fit jeans. Follow up with a pair of cyan or black leather 

You cannot skip his trademark cyan motorcycle helmet. If you’re having trouble finding the color, a white one will also do.

Finally, you will need a skull patch to place on the top left of the quilted vest. While you’re at it, find yourself a bloodied prop cleaver!

DIY Guide to Hotline Miami Biker Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Hotline Miami Biker Cosplay Costume

Over time, the biker has become something of a motorcycle icon. His simple attire and bloodied face are truly representative.

This is especially true among fans of Biker’s clothing and style, as he dresses casually.

Embrace the motorcyclist the way he does and nail this biker cosplay.

And you can attempt a Hotline Miami Group cosplay this Halloween to have fun. Grab your friends and get them to dress up as Jacket, Richter, Beard, Richard, and Don Juan to crash any party with you!

Hotline Miami Biker Cosplay

About Biker from Hotline Miami

Biker performs his “magic” with an undroppable meat cleaver and a throwing knife layout. As such, he utilizes proven and familiar methods for both ranged and melee attacks.

A biker is someone who talks to non-hostiles in order to obtain information and keeps the option to spare them most of the time. He joined 50 Blessings simply “out of boredom” and later states that he wants out because it’s “not exciting enough.”
Bikers’ apartments are flooded with expensive items. Many theorize he earns his living as a professional hacker, music producer, or drug enforcer. He possesses a love for music and seems to be comparatively more comfortable with stress.

What is the most famous quote from Hotline Miami Biker?

1. “I want out! And you’re gonna tell me how!”

2. “Get out of here if you don’t want to die!”

3. “You’re dead meat…”

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