Hinata Hyuga: A Compassionate Friend

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Hinata Hyuga is a familiar character from Naruto, and wearing a Hinata costume is a common activity for fans of anime and manga. Since she was a child, Hinata has been known as a polite and calm girl who is quite friendly. Hinata is known for her selflessness and the way she tends to others…

You’ll Need:

  1. Hinata Cosplay Costume (Long Sleeve)
  2. Hinata Cosplay Costume (Sleeveless)
  3. Long Straight Deep Purple Wig
  4. Ninja Shoes
  5. Ninja Headband
  6. Throwing Knife Set

DIY Hinata Costume Guide

Because Hinata is such a beloved character, dressing in a Hinata costume is popular for fans. Below, we provide a quick costume guide on dressing like the Naruto character. 

Nail the look with Hinata Cosplay Costumes. You can choose a long-sleeved or sleeveless style. Both are her signature outfits. To complete your look, you’ll also need Long Straight Deep Purple Wig, Ninja Shoes, Ninja Headband, and Throwing Knife Set.

Hinata Cosplay Costume

First, you will need to find a pair of dark purple pants and a light lavender jacket that comprise one of her most common and recognizable outfits. Her outfit largely matches her hair, so you need to get a purple wig. Her hair goes past her shoulders and has straight bangs cut into it. You can either buy a wig that already looks like this or buy a standard purple wig and style it yourself. 

Wrap an elastic bandage around your right leg, and then put a black ninja cosplay bag over the elastic bandage. Find a leaf village headband, but put it around your neck instead of across your forehead. Finally, you can finish off this Hinata costume by wearing a pair of plain black low-heeled sandals to match the ones she wears. With all of these pieces combined, you have your finished product.

Take your costume to the next level instead of cosplaying Hinata alone. Let your friends dress like Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno with you. Then, you can keep up the Naruto theme and have a group costume at Halloween or cosplay events.

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About Hinata From Naruto

Hinata Hyuga is a well-loved character in the Naruto franchise. Hinata is known for her soft heart, compassionate nature, and selflessness. This makes her one of the balancing energies on the show that is often chaotic. The friendly girl always looks out for her friends and cares for other people, sometimes to a fault. Because she is so loyal and nervous about stepping on toes, this combination sometimes leaves her at the whims of other people’s wants. 

Part of her issues stems from her childhood, where her father constantly changed his personality. Her difficult familial relationships and the fact that she is ultimately disowned do not change her opinions. She loves her family very much. Her continued loyalty to them is proven when, to save Hanabi, she agrees to marry Toneri. She does this even knowing that she will be breaking Naruto‘s heart.

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Makeup Tutorial | Naruto

What is the most famous quote from Hinata Hyuga?

1. “When I Watch You, I Feel Strong, Like I Can Do AnythingーThat Even I Am Worth Something.”

2. “To Other People, I Might Not Have Changed At All, But I Feel Like I Was Able To Change.”

3. “Therefore, Stand Up Together With Me, Naruto… Because Never Going Back On One’s Word… Is My Ninja Way, Too!”