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Hela costume is a popular dress during the Halloween season. She is one of the most favorite characters who has appeared in different Marvel Comics. In fact, she celebrated her debut in the Marvel film industry with Thor: Ragnarok. Many of you thought that most enemies in the previous seasons of Thor were dangerous; just…

You’ll Need:

  1. Hela Costume Jumpsuit
  2. Sword Prop
  3. Hela Headdress
  4. Hela Cosplay Boots

DIY Hela Costume Guide

They said that Hela, portrayed by Cate Blanchett in the movie, is the evilest of all the antagonists who appeared in Thor. 

As the goddess of death, she gets pleasure from murdering and tormenting anyone who crosses her path.

The black cloak she wears and the horns on her headpiece draw attention to the fact that she is a malicious person.

If you want to recreate this costume, there are only a few items you have to prepare, including the following: Hela Costume Jumpsuit, Hela Headdress, Hela Cosplay Boots, and Sword Prop.

Hela Cosplay Costume

Being one of the evilest characters in the movie, her costume became the most sought-after during the Halloween season. If you are looking for a great Halloween costume, you will never go wrong with Hela.

In line with that, we highly recommend you purchase her headdress, sword, and full-body costume. 

Hela is not a friendly person. However, there’s a way where you can turn this devilish character into a friendlier one – by asking your friends to cosplay the other characters in the movie, including Thor, Loki, and The Avengers.

hela costume

About Hela from Thor: Ragnarok

Even though Thor has met various enemies, Hela is a different one. She has the power to kill and torment even the strongest persons or superheroes in Asgard. 

Her mission was to spread evilness and torment everyone who made her suffer in hell. And Thor is her first target. 

When you look at Hela, you will notice her cape, which conceals her actual nature, which is a shriveled corpse.

On the other hand, her cape is where her power came from. Humans and other creatures are no match for Hela. 

With a single swivel of her hand, anyone crossing her way will be turned lifeless. She has been endowed with extraordinary abilities, including the ability to time travel, fly, and project herself into other dimensions.

Hela Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Hela?

1. “I’m not a queen or a monster. I’m the Goddess of Death.”

2. “Asgard is dead and it will be reborn in my image.”

3. “You’re in my seat.”

4. “What were you the God of again?”

5. “My destiny is to rule all others.”

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