Last-Minute Hagrid Costume Idea

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  1. Red Long Sleeve Shirt
  2. Brown Vest
  3. Brown Hooded Robe
  4. Brown Corduroy Pant
  5. Hagrid Wig and Beard
  6. Leather Belt
  7. Harness Boot
  8. Hagrid Fang Dog Plush
  9. Pink Umbrella

Easy DIY Hagrid Costume Guide

Professor Rubeus Hagrid, portrayed by Robbie Coltrane, is a kindhearted half-giant wizard in the Harry Potter series. He is the son of Mr Hagrid, the giantess Fridwulfa, and the elder half-brother of the giant Grawp. Hagrid is the loyal gamekeeper of Hogwarts and the one who brought Harry to the school where it all began.

To dress like Hagrid, you will need a Red Long Sleeve Shirt and Brown Vest underneath a Brown Hooded Robe. For the bottom, put on Brown Corduroy Pants with Harness Boots. The Hagrid Wig, Beard, and Leather Belt will help you achieve his iconic look. You can bring Hagrid Fang Dog Plush with you. Remember to take your Pink Umbrella to cast magic.

About Hagrid From Harry Potter Series

Hagrid attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1940, being sorted into Gryffindor House. In his third year, Tom Riddle framed Hagrid for opening the Chamber of Secrets and attacking Muggle-born students with his pet Acromantula, resulting in one death.

Despite expulsion and the snapping of his wand, Hagrid became Hogwarts’ gamekeeper under Albus Dumbledore’s request, residing on the school grounds. Hagrid played a pivotal role in reintroducing Harry Potter to the wizarding world.

In 1993, he assumed the role of Care of Magical Creatures professor after Professor Silvanus Kettleburn’s retirement. Being part of the original and reinstated Order of the Phoenix, Hagrid participated in battles during the First and Second Wizarding Wars, including the Battle of Hogwarts.

Hagrid always stands up for what is right and shows immense loyalty to those he cares about, which many people aspire to have.

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