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Guzma first appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon of Generation 7 as a minor antagonist. He is the intimidating boss of Team Skull, which specializes in bug-type Pokemon.

This is one dark dude who aims to sow fear and chaos in all of Alola who bears, backed up by Team Skull. Surely his trusty Golisopod and Ariados play a huge part in this!

He has earned himself a lot of respect from both Team Skull members and those outside it. It goes without saying that he behaves erratically even after a crushing defeat.

You’ll Need:

  1. Guzma Costume
  2. White Shirt
  3. White Wig
  4. Guzma Necklace
  5. Yellow Sunglasses
  6. White Sneakers
  7. Silicone Wristbands
  8. Golden Watch

DIY Guzma Costume Guide

Guzma instantly became a fan favorite in the Pokemon franchise due to his erratic personality and unique punk getup.

His monochrome ensemble, adorned with gold accessories, makes him stand out wherever he goes. Thanks to our Guzma costume guide below, you can easily dress up like him.

Start off with a Crew Neck White T-Shirt, plain as day. Then throw on a simple Black Hoodie.

Next, put on a pair of Black Sweat Pants or Jogger pants. Proceed to envelop your feet with a pair of simple White Sneakers.

Get a Team Skull Pendant Necklace to go around your neck, and Silicone Wristbands to put on your right wrist. You also need a Gold Watch for your left wrist and Guzma’s trademark Yellow Sunglasses to go on your head.

Finally, buy a shaggy Platinum-blonde wig or a straight-up Guzma wig to complete the look!

How to Make Guzma’s Necklace & Sunglasses | Halloween Costume Ideas

Guzma Cosplay Costume

In recent times, Guzma has become a sort of punk icon for fans everywhere. His snazzy choice of clothes and accessories are easily recognizable too.

If you’re a fan of the Mochorome Punk style, this is the cosplay for you! It is comfy, badass, and really leaves an impression.

Embrace the darkness and chaos within you with this superb Guzma costume. It is, after all, fairly easy to put together using common components and can be finished in no time.

This is your chance to assemble a stellar Pokemon group cosplay this Halloween. Get your friends to cosplay as your fellow Team Skull members by dressing up as Plumeria, Tupp, Rapp, Zipp, and Okazaki, and rock any party you crash!

Guzma Costume

About Guzma from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Despite his erratic demeanor, Guzma is someone who lacks confidence and desperately wishes to be taken seriously as a trainer.

Even while serving as Lusamine’s hidden enforcer, he had a strong conscience that realized her obsession with the Ultra Beasts and her cold attitude towards the destruction they caused.

When danger started to threaten the world at large, he was ready to turn against his corrupt master and do the right thing for everyone.

Guzma is someone who deeply cares about Team Skull’s members, clearly shown to have a soft spot for fellow outcasts too. He provides them with a place to be themselves and feel accepted, forging the group’s ending loyalty toward him.

What is the most famous quote from Guzma?

1. “Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form—it’s your boy Guzma!”

2. “I’m the big bad boss who beats you down and beats you down and never lets up!”

3. “Now’s the time for this vaunted team to let loose and destroy everything!”

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