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If you are like young Greg, dreaming of becoming a rockstar, the Greg Universe Costume is perfect for you.

The show Steven Universe on Cartoon Network features Greg Universe as Steven’s father. In his early twenties, Greg Universe decided to drop out of college after abandoning his family and friends. His one-man rock band allowed him to travel while playing music. “Star Child” was the nickname given to him.

Throughout his life, Greg Universe has displayed a passion for music and life that surpasses anything in the world around him. Looking back on Greg’s youth, we see many similarities between his son and himself. It is surprising how much they have in common.

It’s amazing how much hair Greg had on his head as a youngster! As a result of his outfits and personality, Greg’s character is very well known among young people.

You’ll Need:

  1. Greg Universe Black Shirt
  2. Brown Wig
  3. Straight Fit Jeans
  4. Silver Earrings
  5. Toy Guitar
  6. Blue Flip Flop

DIY Greg Universe Costume Guide

A young Greg Universe costume would be the perfect next party costume if you are a fan of the TV show Steven Universe. With this complete Greg Universe costume guide, you can cosplay the look of the young Greg Universe.

On the t-shirt he wore, Greg wore the phrase “Greg Universe”. To give it an edgier look, the sleeves of this black shirt have been ripped at the seams. A yellow star adorned the front of the shirt. The jeans Greg wore had knee holes ripped out of them.

When Greg Universe was younger, he could make hair metal rockers in Poison and Twisted Sister envious with his thick, voluminous dark brown hair.

Put on a brown long-hair wig, silver earrings, a Greg Universe shirt, a toy electric guitar, and Levi’s loose straight-leg jeans to look like Greg Universe. Become Greg when you were a kid and rock out.

“Just a Comet” – Cartoon Network | Halloween Costume Ideas

Greg Universe Cosplay Costume

Greg Universe looks like a wild and free young adult dressed in a rock and roll outfit. With a few staple items Greg wore during his younger years, you can recreate the best years of his life.

Start by recreating the young Greg Universe costume by wearing a Greg Universe shirt that has a hole in the knee and jeans that fit loosely.

Silver hoop earrings and blue flip-flops are required. An electric guitar and a long brown wig are essential for the rock and roll vibe!

Cosplay can also be done with other characters from the show, for instance, Greg Universe, Connie Maheswaran, Steven Universe, or Buck Dewey.

Greg Universe Costume featured

About Greg Universe

As Steven Universe’s father, Greg Universe would go to any length to care for him. Steven Universe, the Cartoon Network TV series starring Greg, wasn’t always as level-headed as he is today.

As a 22-year-old, he wanted to live his life to the fullest as much as possible. It was clear to him that he wanted to do more than just work at the auto wash.

Until he met his long-time girlfriend Rose (a human unlike him), with whom he fell in love and who gave birth to his son Steven. It was because of this that he decided to grow up and start working at Wash It.

Growing up, Greg dreamed of becoming a rock star. His dreams of becoming a musician led him to leave his family behind.

What is the most famous quote from Greg Universe?

1. “I’m Greg Universe. And this massive drink of water is my wife, Alexandrite.”

2. “Nothing’s gonna fix this, is it?”

3. “Cherry man.”

4. “Look, if I were you, I’d hate me too.”

5. “You rascal! Can I ever tell you a story without working in a song again?”

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