Good Burger Employee Costume

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Fans of the comedy duo Keenan and Kyle will love the costumes of the Good Burger employees.

In the movie “Good Burger,” the characters are seen wearing uniforms and moping around Keenan and Kyle doing their jobs.

Good Burger is a 1997 American comedy film based on the comedy sketch of the same name from Nickelodeon’s children’s comedy show, All That.

You’ll Need:

  1. Striped Shirt
  2. Chef Hat
  3. Name Tag Badges
  4. White Pants
  5. Black Belt
  6. White Sneaker
  7. Black Sneaker

DIY Good Burger Employee Costume Guide

The uniform is simple and easy. Most importantly, it is recognizable by practically every 90s baby.

To start off the costume, you’ll need a white and blue striped collared short-sleeve shirt. For the bottoms, you can wear a pair of white straight-leg pants.

Combine the two pieces into one by winding a black leather belt around your waist. On the feet of the employees, they wear white and black sneakers, respectively.

Finally, wear little cook hats with triangular shapes and name tag badges to show that you are a caterer.

Good Burger Employee Cosplay Costume

This costume is made to look like the uniforms that the employees of Good Burger wear. 

Since the costume is so easy to make, it is a great choice for anyone who is just starting out on their cosplaying adventures.

It is also super comfortable, making it a good choice for anyone who plans to wear the costume for several hours on end.

Make the costume even better by dressing up with friends who are also wearing the Good Burger costume.

Good Burger Employee Costume

About Good Burger Employee

Good Burger is a movie that stars the comedy duo Keenan and Kel. In the movie, they work at a small burger restaurant known as Good Burger.

The movie follows a goofy teenager and his new co-worker as they attempt, lest they be beaten by a newly opened competitor across the street.

With their continuous efforts together, they eventually saved their burger store.

The movie also spawned a classic line, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?”

Good Burger Employee Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Good Burger Employee?

1. “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?”

2. “I’m a dude. He’s a dude. She’s a dude. Cause we’re all dudes.”

3. “Dexter’s a chicken! Moo! Moo.”

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