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Genya is the badass and hard-nosed Demon Slayer who joined the team with Tanjiro. His facial expressions are enough to speak about his impolite and ill-tempered nature.

Genya’s Cosplay is well-received because of Genya’s style of dressing and personality. He is a major supporting character in the anime, which gives him an exceptional spotlight.

His ill behavior with Kanata and Ubuyashiki created a rift with Tanjiro. His being the brother of Sanemi makes him even more popular.

Thanks to his character development, fans were happy to see a positive side to him. Getting insight into his life made him gain sympathy from fans worldwide.

You’ll Need:

  1. Genya Costume
  2. Genya Wig
  3. Toy Gun
  4. Genya Sword
  5. Black Slippers
  6. Black Tattoo Marker
  7. Brown Body Painting
  8. White Socks

Genya Cosplay DIY Guide

Nothing can beat Akira sensei in designing characters in the most stylish way possible. All the designers should take classes from him!

Apart from Genya’s rugged personality, his dress sense made him gain the spotlight. His dress is elegant and cool at the same time.

Let me help you transform into Genya with our Genya Cosplay Costume DIY Guide. Becoming Genya isn’t easy, and you would need a few things to prepare. So get ready!

Apart from the black and purple full suit, you’ll need a black tattoo maker and brown body paint to get skin like Genya’s.

Genya is seen wearing black slippers and white socks for footwear, so arrange them ASAP! Demon Slayers don’t step out without weapons, so having a toy gun and a sword is a must.

Lastly, get a black wig to get a complete Genya look!

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Genya Cosplay Costume

If you enjoy a confident and badass look, getting a Genya Cosplay Costume should be on your list.Genya’s facial expressions make him stand out, so make sure you adapt his stance as well.

Genya’s look is very calm and stylish, so apart from wearing it to a costume party, you can wear it anywhere. Over time, with the show’s increasing popularity, Genya has also gained fame.

So, wearing Genya’s Cosplay Costume is a good choice, especially for fans of Demon Slayer.

Genya Cosplay

About Genya From Demon Slayer

Genya From Demon Slayer may be an arrogant brat, but deep down, he is loving. His love for his brother, Sanemi, is worth appreciating. Getting approval from his brother is the only thing significant to him.

Over time, the boy transformed into a polite and helpful person. Irrespective of his tough interior, he is, deep down, a pure, loving individual.

His upbringing was full of grievances and sacrifices. Watching his parents die in front of him affected him a lot. Sanemi’s behavior towards him was harsh, yet he never complained about it.

Without him, the Demon Slayer fans wouldn’t have learned the lesson of not judging a book by its cover.

What is the most famous quote from Genya?

1. “I’ll Do It. I’m Gonna Do It. I Have To Do It. Think Only About Winning. I Will Not Let My Brother, Or My Master, Or Any Of My Comrades Die!” “I’ll Do It. I’m Gonna Do It. I Have To Do It. Think Only About Winning. I Will Not Let My Brother, Or My Master, Or Any Of My Comrades Die!”
2. “I Don’t Want… You To Die. Because… My Big Brother… Is… The Nicest Person… In… This World.”

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