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A Froppy Costume is sure to make one hell of a splash amongst Gen Z cosplayers who grew up with the New Big 3, including My Hero Academia.

Tsuyu Asui, hero-name “Froppy”, is one of the supporting characters from My Hero Academia. She is a diligent student in Class 1-A based at U.A. High School.

Tsuyu is typically seen as an aloof individual, quite straightforward and blunt on occasion. Regardless, she is inwardly a very emotional person who cares deeply about her friends.

Her quirky Frog-like Hero costume is quite memorable, as it allows the full extent of her abilities. She is more about using her quirk in a creative and effective way rather than raw strength.

You’ll Need:

  1. Froppy Bodysuit
  2. Froppy Wig
  3. Froppy Goggles

DIY Froppy Costume Guide

Froggy is a fan favorite due to her calm and collected personality, as well as her iconic green bodysuit that really screams “Frog”.

The bright and amphibious ensemble makes her stand out among other Heroes. Thanks to our Froppy costume guide below, you can now easily cosplay as her.

The most noticeable part of Froppy’s Hero Costume is the bright Green Turtleneck Bodysuit. You can cover this by getting a Froppy (Tsuyu Asui) Costume set.

Next, you need a long, dark sea-green Wig for her unique hairstyle. Follow up with a Froppy Goggles Headwear to adorn your head.

Froppy Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Froppy Cosplay Costume

Tsuyu Asui is one of the most beloved Anime frogs out there. Her eye-catching Hero costume and distinct physiology are unmistakable, even to those who haven’t watched MHA.

If you love hero bodysuits in Anime and adore Froppy’s deep stare, this is the Cosplay choice for you!

Embrace your “Froppy” nature by putting this Tsuyu Asui cosplay together. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to secure and bring together.

Why not try a My Hero Academia group Cosplay this Halloween? Get your friends to cosplay as your fellow Heroes, including Deku, Uravity, Ingenium, Shoto, and Kacchan as you crash any party in style!

Froppy Costume

About Froppy from My Hero Academia

Tsuyu is a very straightforward and aloof girl who always speaks her mind. She used to be the loving caretaker of her younger siblings, growing up to be a highly mature and responsible individual.

She is a good leader and has a knack for making people feel safe and at ease. Her strong morals, goals, and principles are firmly rooted in her heart, and she isn’t afraid to express them. 

As such, Froppy is a very calm and collected Heroine, capable of staying level-headed and focused even during a crisis. She is the perfect pillar of emotional support for her classmates!

What is the most famous quote from Froppy?

1. “It doesn’t matter how righteous our feelings are.”

2. “Cut it out! Only people who are my friends can call me that!”

3. “If we start another fight…if we break the law…then we’re no better than the villains!”

4. “Tokoyami, let’s come up with a plan”

5. “If we become unable to move, then this would be the only way to win”

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