Front Man: A Mysterious Gang Leader in Squid Game

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The Front Man costume has become one of the most popular choices for the fan of Squid Game. Squid Game is a story about residents in South Korea playing for the chance of completely wiping out their debt. This operation is being run by the Front Man, who is later revealed to be the brother…

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Jacket Coat
  2. Black Trousers
  3. Front Man Mask
  4. Black Leather Gloves
  5. Gun Prop
  6. Black Boots

DIY Front Man Costume Guide

The Front Man costume is primarily defined by his all-black appearance along with his trenchcoat and black gloves. He has a familiar design to characters you may have seen in the matrix. However, he still can create distinctions within the Squid Game that make him memorable. 

To dress like the Front Man from Squid Game, you will need Front Man Mask, Black Jacket Coat, Black Trousers, and Black Boot. Then, complete the look with accessories like Black Leather Gloves and Gun Prop.

Front Man Cosplay Costume

The Front Man is so mysterious that he hides his identity beneath a mask and an all-black costume. The mask that the Front Man wears throughout the show. His face is polygonal and black, almost like Andross from the original Star Fox.

Getting the clothing pieces should be pretty simple for this costume. You’ll need a long black trenchcoat that will summarize the majority of this cosplay. It is also assumed that you will need long black pants as well, but we don’t see his pants in the show for the most part. He also has black gloves covering his entire hand and doesn’t show any hand. It’s important that in the interest of staying as true to the show as possible, you should get a leather version of these clothing pieces to keep authentic. 

Don’t dress the Front Man costume alone; invite your friends to dress like Red Light Green Light Doll, Squid Game Minion, and Kang Sae-Byeok so that you can keep the Squid Game theme going for Halloween or your next cosplay event.

front man costume

About Front Man from Squid Game

In Squid Game, the Front Man is the man most responsible for orchestra literal games of death where the winner has a chance to become wealthy if they become the champion of this game. However, the Front Man isn’t doing this out of the kindness of his heart and does have people that he needs to answer. In the Squid Game, some people are doing this for fun, and others have their selfish reasons for wanting all of this money. But there is a plot twist later in the story that gives the narrative a punch that the audience wasn’t expecting.

The Front Man and the detective, Hwang Jun-ho, are discovered towards the end of season one. Jun-ho was under the idea that his brother was kidnapped but, in reality, had gone to this island voluntarily because he believes these cruel games are still somewhat fairer than the ways society is forced to compete against each other. Tragically, Jun-Ho chooses death over the Font Man’s ideas for him. The Front Man is saddened by his brother’s passing. Still, he doesn’t make an ideological change at all despite everything that’s happened.

Squid Game Front Man Moment

What is the most famous quote from Front Man?

1. “Everyone Is Equal While They Play This Game.”

2. “I H”Here, the players get to play a fair game under the same conditions. These people suffered with inequality and discrimmination out in the world.”

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