Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend: Overzealous Rapper

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A Friday Night Funkin costume is the perfect choice for anyone who loves the rhythm game. Friday Night Funkin is a game that came out in the year 2020. It was developed by Newgrounds and had a simple concept. In FNF, you play a character called Boyfriend. Boyfriend wants to date a girl whose name…

You’ll Need:

  1. Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend T-Shirt
  2. Blue Cosplay Wig
  3. Relaxed Fit Duck Jean
  4. Red Baseball Cap
  5. Microphone Prop
  6. Red Canvas Sneaker

Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend Costume Guide

Boyfriend is one of the main characters. He is a young kid who is a talented rapper and loves donuts, his girlfriend, and music in equal amounts. He is trying to meet up with his girlfriend, but to do so, he must first win competitions against various people who stand in his way. One of them is her ex-rock star father.

Dressing like Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin is an easy thing to do. He wears effortless street clothes that you can easily assemble. You will need a Blue Cosplay Wig, T-shirt with a big prohibition sign, Relaxed Fit Duck Jean, Red Baseball Cap, and Red Canvas Sneaker. Don’t forget to carry a microphone with you so you can sing anytime.

Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend Cosplay Costume

If you love the Boyfriend from FNF costume, you are in luck. Since he dresses so simply, it takes no effort to put his outfit together. Boyfriend wears a lot of basic street clothing, so there is a chance you will already have some of them in your closet. To start, you will need a pair of loose-fit blue jeans. He wears a pair of red and white sneakers, and he has a red and blue baseball cap to match. Find a t-shirt that has the prohibited sign on it. It is best if it is white.

Then, you will need to wear a blue wig to finish off the look. Since he is a singer and rapper, you will want to get a prop microphone to carry around with you. Once you have all these pieces, you will have an easily recognizable Boyfriend from the Friday Night Funkin costume.

Friday Night Funkin Boyfriend Costume

About Boyfriend from FNF

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game by Newgrounds, and Boyfriend is one of the main characters. Playing as Boyfriend, you are on a mission to go on a date with your girlfriend. In order to do that, you must first get through her father, an ex-rock star, by beating him in a competition. There are other characters that you have to beat along the way as well. Boyfriend is a cocky, confident person who loves music, rapping, and singing. He is persistent in his actions and stops at nothing to beat the competition.

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