Fix-It Felix Jr. Costume

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The Fix-It Felix costume comes from the movie, Wreck-It Ralph. This movie surrounds a fictional world of video game characters.

There is not much known about Fix-It Felix except he is the star of a game by the same name. He is made to be a typical good guy character and is very heroic.

Fix-It Felix is charming and bold, and is quite the hero. He is seen as the competition for the Wreck-It Ralph video game.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Work Shirt
  2. Fix it Felix Hat
  3. Relaxed Straight Jeans
  4. Leather Utility Belt
  5. Toy Hammer
  6. Leather Work Gloves
  7. Brown Work Boots

DIY Fix-It Felix Jr. Costume Guide

First and foremost, you should get a plain white undershirt. Over the white shirt, you’ll need to wear a collared button down shirt in light blue.

Fix-It Felix places a name patch on his chest to tell the world who he is, so you will need to embroider and attach the same thing. Otherwise, you can just get a sticker and paste it there instead.

Fix-It Felix wears a simple pair of denim jeans. On his feet, he dons a pair of yellow work boots.

He keeps his tools close at hand by wearing them on his tool belt. On his hands, he has a pair of yellow gloves that match his boots.

Put a Fix it Felix hat on your head and carry around a toy hammer to complete the look.

Fix-It Felix Jr. Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Fix-It Felix Jr. Cosplay Costume

Any fan of Wreck-It Ralph will love dressing as the character’s nemesis, Fix-It Felix. The style of his attire is casual blue collar, making it easy to replicate.

Since his costume is so simple to put together, it is a good choice for any new cosplayers who want to get their feet wet.

You can make it clear who you are and complement your costume by having your friends dress as other characters from Wreck-It Ralph, like Ralph, Candlehead, Vanellope von Schweetz, King Candy, etc.

Fix-It Felix Jr. Costume

About Fix-It Felix Jr.

Fix-It Felix is a side character in the Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph. While Ralph destroys things, Felix repairs them.

Though there isn’t much known about his background, one thing is for sure: Fix-It Felix is a charming character with a good heart. He is considered warm and heroic, and he is hard not to like.

If you love the character of Fix-It Felix, you can dress like him. Above, we have shown you how to create your own Fix-It Felix costume.

What is the most famous quote from Fix-It Felix Jr?

1. “I can fix it!”

2. “Why, thank you, friend!”


4. “Ralph abandoned his game!”

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