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The Fionna costume is a cute choice for female fans of Adventure Time. Fionna is simply the gender-swapped version of the main character, Finn. She was created by the Ice King.

She shares similar personality traits as Finn since they are the same person. This includes being a thrill-seeking, brave and fearless hero who tackles all threats with courage.

Not much is known about Fionna’s alternate life, except that she is in love with the Bubblegum Prince.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Flat T-shirt
  2. Fionna Hat
  3. Blue Skirt
  4. Fionna Cosplay Backpack
  5. Mary Jane Shoes
  6. Thigh High Socks
  7. Cake Figure

DIY Fionna Costume Guide

To kick off the costume, you’ll need a long sleeve light blue shirt. Wear a dark blue pencil skirt over the top of the shirt, pulled up to the waist.

On her legs, she wears a pair of knee-high white socks with blue stripes around the top. On her feet, Fionna wears a simple pair of Mary James.

Fionna carries around a green backpack that you will need to get a replica of to match.

To complete the look, you’ll need to mimic her hair and hat. You can get an Adventure Time white hat with ears that have Fionna’s hair built right into it.

Fionna Cosplay Costume

The Fionna is perfect for any female fan of the Adventure Time show since she is just a gender-swapped version of Finn.

Her outfit is cute, adorable, and casual. This means that it makes a great subtle daytime cosplay. It also means that you likely already have the clothing itself in your closet.

Make the Fionna costume stand out by enlisting friends to dress as the real Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, or another Adventure Time Character of your choice.

Fionna costume

About Fionna from Adventure Time

Fionna is the gender-bent version of the main character of Adventure Time, Finn. Finn is transformed into a girl by the Ice King.

Because she is just Finn as a girl, they share similar personality traits. This includes their shared bravery and love of adventure.

Although there is less known about Fionna, one thing is for sure: she is in love with the Bubblegum Prince.

Fionna (Adventure Time) Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Fionna (Adventure Time)?

1. “These jelly kinders aren’t alive, are they?”

2. “Sounds like it’s gonna be large.”

3. “You want me to… go with you to the ball?”

4. “Ice Queen, why are you always predatoring on dudes?”

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