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Embrace your heroic and soldier side with Finn’s costume.

Finn is one of the most recognizable figures from the Star Wars series. He is a former stormtrooper who is now a Resistance fighter.

Finn was taken from his home at a young age to serve in the First Order as a trooper. He is brave, caring, and sympathetic, with a big heart and an awareness of right and wrong. 

He was a proficient marksman, melee fighter, and hand-to-hand combatant, but he didn’t want to kill people—at least not unarmed citizens. Instead, he’s motivated by the idea of progressing toward the greater good.

You’ll Need:

  1. Finn Jacket
  2. Black T-shirt
  3. Cargo Pants
  4. Finn Blaster With Strap
  5. Jogging Shoes

DIY Finn Costume Guide

Finn, the First Order stormtrooper from Star Wars, is dressed in the most classic formal attire possible. 

It is your time to embrace your fandom if you’re one of the most fervent admirers of this powerful stormtrooper from Star Wars.

For the appearance of an obedient and loyal soldier, Finn has been sporting a brown leather jacket with red details sewn on it and a simple black shirt underneath to complete his signature look. 

He chose a pair of black cargo pants to go with the fashionable and overpowering jacket and gray jogging shoes, which perfectly complete his appearance. 

Last but not least, don’t forget the afro wig, one of the essential aspects of attire, and the strap-on blaster, the stormtrooper’s go-to weapon that will help you mimic his persona.

Finn Cosplay Costume

Finn is one of the most well-liked Star Wars characters because he is brave, intelligent, and capable while also being amiable and caring enough to put his life in danger to protect his friends. 

Even among people who had not watched the series, his assertive, heroic attitude made him well-liked.

Choose this soldier costume if you share Finn’s brave, traditional, and strong personality. This outfit is simple to put together from your everyday clothes and takes little time.

Ask your pals to dress up as Rey Skywalker or Poe Dameron to make a trio, increase the pleasure of your cosplay, and stand out as the signature team.

Finn Costume

About Finn

General Finn, formerly known as FN-2187, is the lead character of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. As a young soldier kidnapped and transported to fight for the First Order, Finn received excellent grades as a cadet. 

He turned into the perfect stormtrooper as he prepared to confront the Resistance as stormtrooper FN-2187. To his fellow Stormtroopers, General Finn is known as “Eight-Seven.”

Finn has little exposure to the outside world; he has only ever known duty to his officers and faith in the First Orders. He is friendly, has a strong sense of justice, honor, and compassion, and goes above and beyond to save those less fortunate. 

He was a skilled marksman, melee fighter, and hand-to-hand fighter with a strong command of weapons.

Finn From Star Wars| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Finn?

1. “I like that.”

2. “I’m a big deal in the Resistance.”

3. “That’s one hell of a pilot!”

4. “I’m in charge now, Phasma. I’m in charge.”

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