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Creepypasta and non-horror cosplayers alike will be terrified by an Eyeless Jack costume.

Eyeless Jack is the titular main antagonist of the infamous Creepypasta story of the same name. He is a human flesh-eating, enigmatic serial killer with an unending craving for human organs.

Jack is a cannibalistic murderer who enjoys horrendous acts like Stalking, sneaking into people’s houses and removing their organs, and sometimes killing his victims.

He is a man with three primary goals: Breaking into houses and eating the kidneys of his victims, Committing as much murder as possible, and Avoid getting caught.

His eerie yet everyday-style look makes him difficult to distinguish from afar. But once he’s close…

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Hoodie
  2. Eyeless Jack Mask
  3. Black Pants
  4. Fake Pointed Black Nails
  5. Face and Body Paint
  6. Black Sneakers

DIY Eyeless Jack Cosplay Guide

Despite being a stand-alone Creepypasta, Eyeless Jack got popular for his unique style of serial killing.

His bland and dark-colored ensemble is what you’d expect from a normal teenager, but the true horror lies in his face!

Start off with a simple Black Hoodie paired with plain Black Pants and it’s perfectly fine if these look a tad worn.

Next, you will need a pair of Sneakers, compromising only Black and White colors. For the hair, you should aim for a messy short black wig.

Find yourself a trusted brand of Gray Body Paint, this will cover all remaining exposed parts of your skin. Secure a set of fake Black Nails while you’re at it.

Most importantly, get an Eyeless Jack Mask with creepy black streaks extending down from the eyes to nail his iconic look. 

Eyeless Jack Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Eyeless Jack Cosplay Costume

Time may pass, but Creepypastas remain. The story of Eyeless Jack is now widely known, and his extremely casual clothing choice is terrifying.

If you’re looking for a very comfortable cosplay that can be put together with components already in your closet, this is the one for you!

Time to terrify everyone who crosses your path with this extremely easy ensemble. You can acquire the missing items in a flash and finish the look within minutes.

Why not attempt a Creepypasta group cosplay this Halloween? Get your friends to cosplay as popular Creepypasta characters, like Ticci Toby and Jeff The Killer to reel in a bucketload of scares and fun.

Eyeless Jack Cosplay

About Eyeless Jack from Creepypasta

Eyeless Jack’s character is one that is very difficult to understand and interpret. All we know for certain is that he is silent, dark, cruel, brooding, torturous, and mysterious.

As a taunting individual with an insatiable craving for human organs, Eyeless Jack isn’t really that powerful. He is extremely stealthy and knows a lot about human anatomy though.

He is a master of surgical instruments, being able to remove vital organs of the body overnight. If his empty black eye sockets don’t scare you, surely his mutilation skills will…

What is the most famous quote from Eyeless Jack?

1. “I was staring face to face with a creature with a black hoodie and a dark blue mask with no nose or mouth staring down at me. The thing that scared me the most was that it had no eyes. Just empty, black sockets. The creature also had some black substance dripping from its sockets.”

2. “Do you think I’m crazy.”

3. “Just empty blank sockets.”

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