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The Esmeralda costume is a pretty choice for fans of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She appeared first in a novel from 1831 and returned in the 1996 Disney film.

Esmeralda is a dancer who often gets unwanted attention due to her beauty. She travels around with her pet goat, known as Djali.

Esmeralda is a roaming Romani woman who moves from one place to another. She ends up in the same place as the “hunchback,” known as Quasimodo.

Because of her past, she knows what it feels like to be judged for something one cannot help. This makes her very compassionate to the troubles of Quasimodo and becomes one of his friends.

You’ll Need:

  1. Esmeralda Dress
  2. Black Curly Wig
  3. Pink Headscarf
  4. Golden Ear Hoops
  5. Anklet Chain
  6. Tambourine
  7. Bangles Set

DIY Esmeralda Costume Guide

To create the base of the costume, you will need to get a light purple maxi dress with short sleeves. Around your waist, you should tie a chiffon sash, which will cinch the dress and give it more shape.

Grab some belly scarvesto drape around your waist to create her layered skirt look.

On her wrists, she wears golden bangle bracelets that clink together when she dances. In her ears, she wears a pair of large gold hoop earrings.

Esmeralda has curly, shoulder-length black hair, so get a wig to match her own. You can also carry a tambourine around you to finish off the whole look.

Esmeralda Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Esmeralda Cosplay Costume

The Esmeralda costume represents attire that was commonly worn by Romani people at the time. It’s a nice choice for those who not only love the Disney movie but want to pay homage to the culture itself.

This Esmeralda costume can be enhanced by having a friend dress up as Quasimodo to attend a Halloween party with you.

No matter how long the party goes on, it is very comfortable and will keep you comfy all night long.

Esmeralda Costume

About Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a character in the Disney film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was released in 1996. Before that, she first appears in the novel written in 1831.

Esmeralda is a Romani woman who constantly seems to be on the move. She winds up in the same city as Quasimodo, who is also known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Quasimodo is ostracized from society due to his appearance and spends all of his time alone until he meets her. Esmeralda is very compassionate toward him, as she also knows what it is like to be unfairly judged by society.

The two form a friendship. Eventually, Esmeralda helps Quasimodo break free of his chains. Their friendship is a favorite among the different Disney movies.

What is the most famous quote from Esmeralda?

1. “It is to be brother and sister; two souls which touch without mingling, two fingers on one hand.”

2. “You would have imagined her at one moment a maniac, at another a queen.”

3. “I wanted to see you again, touch you, know who you were, see if I would find you identical with the ideal image of you which had remained with me and perhaps shatter my dream with the aid of reality.”

4. “He left her. She was dissatisfied with him. He had preferred to incur her anger rather than cause her pain. He had
kept all the pain for himself.”

5. “Oh! Love! That is to be two and to be but one. A man and a woman mingled into one angel. It is heaven.”

6. “One drop of wine is enough to redden a whole glass of water.”

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