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The Wild Thornberrys introduced Eliza to the world in 1998, and children all over the world immediately fell in love with her.

Eliza Thornberry, the older sister of Debbie Thornberry, portrays a tomgirl in The Wild Thornberrys.

Despite the fact that only her older sister is aware of her ability to communicate with animals, she is equipped with the gift of communication.

While Eliza talked to animals, kids were able to experience her wild adventures.

You’ll Need:

  1. Yellow Swing Dress
  2. Red Turtle Neck Sweater
  3. Blue Socks
  4. Round Glasses
  5. Fake Braces
  6. Brown Oxford
  7. Red Fabric Patches

DIY Eliza Thornberry Costume Guide

Be Eliza Thornberry, the adventurous and intelligent girl who knows everything. Dressing up in an Eliza Thornberry costume is a breeze with this costume guide. 

In order to be prepared for any new adventure, Eliza had to wear appropriate clothing since she was constantly walking through jungles and deserts. 

Start off with a red turtleneck sweater underneath the yellow swing dress. The dress can be embellished with red patches to make your outfit more authentic. 

For the bottom, you will need blue socks paired with brown Oxfords to match the look.

Finally, add round glasses and fake braces to complete your own Eliza Thornberry costume.

DIY Eliza Thornberry Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

Eliza Thornberry Cosplay Costume

The Wild Thornberrys features ten-year-old Eliza Thornberry as the protagonist. As a cosplay costume, Eliza’s outfit is a great choice and is extremely easy to replicate if you want to wear it as your own.

A Red Turtleneck Top, Glasses with a Circle Frame, Iron On Vinyl in Red on the midi dress with flares, Lace-Up Shoes, Blue Socks, and Fake Braces complete this female superhero look. 

There is something unique about Eliza’s style! The nerdy look that Eliza is known for can be yours!

Eliza Thornberry Costume

About Eliza Thornberry

During her lifetime, Eliza Thornberry has followed her parents, Nigel and Marianne Thornberry, working on their documentary series around the world.

She has a gift that her parents can only dream of, and like her parents, she is passionate about animals. All the things animals say to her are understandable to her.

As a 10-year-old, Eliza saved Mnyambo from a trap set by an African shaman. Her reward was the ability to communicate with animals from Mnyambo.

Her desire to talk to every animal, even if they are predators, puts her in situations that could be potentially harmful.

In order to keep her powers, she must be careful not to reveal the gift to anyone else.

What is the most famous quote from Eliza Thornberry?

1. “I told them about my powers, and I lost them.”

2. “I don’t care! What you’re doing is awful!”

3. “I need to talk to mom and dad.”

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