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The Elena of Avalor costume comes from the animated Disney series of the same name. It debuted in the year 2016.

Elena of Avalor surrounds the character Crown Princess Elena. After the banishing of Shuriki, an evil sorceress, she becomes the ruler of the kingdom.

Elena of Avalor is the oldest princess in Avalor and must rule the lands as the Crown Princess before she is able to become the queen. She lives with her family in the kingdom’s castle.

The princess’ story revolves mostly around the idea that defeating evil once doesn’t mean that the adventure is over. Instead, it shows that her life is just beginning.

This is different from most Disney movies, where the big battle happens at the end and signifies that it is over.

You’ll Need:

  1. Elena of Avalor Dress
  2. Princess Elena Wig
  3. Elena of Avalor Sceptor
  4. Elena of Avalor Tiara
  5. T-Strap Dance Shoes

DIY Elena of Avalor Costume Guide

Disney fans love the unique perspective that Elena of Avalor brings to the table. If you want to dress like her, read on to learn about the Elena of Avalor costume.

The first thing you will need for the costume is a replica of Elena of Avalor’s unique red princess dress. It stands out with its rippling hemline and neck.

Then, get a Princess Elena and place her crown. Get one that is golden in color and has a red jewel in the center. On her feet, Elena of Avalor wears a simple pair of brown heels.

She carries with her the Scepter of Light that she uses to perform magic and fight her battles.

Elena of Avalor Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Elena of Avalor Cosplay Costume

Many people love the character of Elena of Avalor for her fresh take on the usual Disney princess tales. If you are one of them, you can dress like her easily.

Those who love royal attire and dressing to the nines will love the Elena of Avalor costume. It is an elegant look that aligns with her position as the Crown Princess.

A fun way to make this costume even cooler would be to have some of your friends dress up as other Disney princesses. It makes a great group costume, especially for conventions.

Elena of Avalor Costume

About Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor is one of the many princesses in the Disney Princess lineup. What makes her stand out is the way her story goes.

Instead of the big fight happening at the end, it is one of the first things that occur. Her story shows that defeating the bad guy doesn’t always mean the end of the adventure.

Elena of Avalor is a kind person who does her best to get used to ruling as the Crown Princess. She must do this before she is able to become queen.

Elena of Avalor lives in the castle with her family. This includes her maternal grandparents as well as her scheming brother.

What is the most famous quote from Elena of Avalor?

1. “I am Elena, the rightful heir to the throne of Avalor!”

2. “Those are the ghosts of the bugs you killed before.”

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