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The Dr. Krieger costume comes from the animated show, Archer. He is voiced by the actor, Lucky Yates.

Dr. Krieger is the main character on the show. He has an interesting past in which he was raised by a Nazi scientist after he fled to Brazil following World War II.

After he grows up, he becomes the head of the ISIS Applied Research Department, where he excels due to his smarts. He has trained both in the scientific and medical fields.

Even though he is skilled and capable, and has the title of “Dr.,” he is not actually a real doctor. This shows in his rather strange and unconventional ideas.

If you love this fake doctor, you will love dressing up in a Dr. Krieger costume. Follow the steps below to learn how to dress up like this Archer character.

You’ll Need:

  1. Lab Coat
  2. Yellow Dress Shirt
  3. Brown Dress Pants
  4. Brown Tie
  5. Black Belt with Silver Buckle
  6. Fake Beard
  7. Black Leather Shoes

DIY Dr. Krieger Costume Guide

To start off the Dr. Krieger costume, you will need to get a white lab coat. Under the lab coat, you can wear a simple yellow button-down shirt. Finish off this portion of the costume with a brown necktie.

On his legs, he wears a pair of black slacks. Around his waist, he wears a simple belt with a metallic buckle.

Finish off the apparel portion of this costume by wearing a pair of black shoes.

To fully get his look, you’ll need to get a short brown wig or temporarily dye your hair. Finally, complete your costume with a brown beard.

Best Dr. Krieger Movements | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dr. Krieger Cosplay Costume

As Dr. Krieger is one of the main characters on the show, this Dr. Krieger costume is sure to be one of the most memorable at the Halloween party.

He dresses like a typical doctor or scientist, so his look is easy to replicate.

One way to make the Dr. Krieger costume even better is to have some other friends dress up as characters from Archer, like Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, Barry Dillon, Pam Poovey, and Malory Archer, and go to the party with you.

If you have someone dress up as his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl, it can make a good couple’s costume as well.

Dr. Krieger Costume

About Dr. Krieger from Archer

Dr. Krieger is not actually a doctor at all. He uses the title to give him some authority and respect.

Even so, he is quite brilliant. He is very skilled both in the medical and scientific fields, making him a valuable part of the ISIS Applied Research Department.

Dr. Krieger grew up the son of an old Nazi scientist who fled to Brazil to escape punishment following World War II. Having such a father growing up made Dr. Krieger rather eccentric in thought.

Dr. Krieger makes very strange products, which seem to be a product of his equally strange mind. His eclectic nature makes him a memorable character on the show, Archer, and he is quite beloved by fans.

What is the most famous quote from Dr. Krieger?

1. “I Love That I Have An Erection, That Didn’t Involve Homeless People.”

2. “I Call Him Fisto-Roboto.”

3. “Your Authority Is Not Recognized In Fort Kick-Ass.”

4. “That’ll Do Pigly, That’ll Do.”

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