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Dr. Horrible is the protagonist of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

He is a mad scientist with goggles on all the time and is never seen in anything else. His design helps to solidify that his work is the only thing that he cares about.

He is also a blogger who keeps a daily record of his daily routine and experimental process.

Part of the appeal of the character is the performance provided by Neil Patrick Harris. It helps a lot to add character to someone who doesn’t have much of a unique personality.

You’ll Need:

  1. Lab Coat
  2. Cargo Pant
  3. Welding Goggles
  4. White Boots
  5. Medical Patch
  6. Welders Gloves

DIY Dr. Horrible Costume Guide

Dr. Horrible is a really easy character for people to pull off. Start off with a Lab Coat with a Medical Patch on the chest to nail the iconic look.

For the bottom, get a Khaki Cargo Pants paired with White Boots.

Don’t forget to equip yourself with Welders Gloves and Welding Goggles for a better effect.

Emmy Awards Go Dr. Horrible Wrong | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dr. Horrible Cosplay Costume

Dr. Horrible isn’t exactly a character known for his poses and unique looks. Since the character is known as someone who is cartoonishly evil.

The most obvious thing that sets him apart from others is the goggles that he puts on. However, he almost never puts the goggles over his eyes.

He also puts on wool gloves while he’s working or performing other tasks. And his hair is slightly messy to add to the character.

Dr. Horrible Costume

About Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible is the protagonist of a musical and isn’t really given a lot of depth or emotional weight to his actions other than the music that is provided.

Just like every other cliche villain out there, Dr. Horrible wants to take over the world for the sole satisfaction of dominating it.

There isn’t a ton of background on who he is. Though he is seen as this corruptable, evil man, what humanizes him is his affection for Penny.

The desire to have a romance with a perfectly normal woman who isn’t evil shapes the audience’s perception of what he is. And it’s what also makes the audience feel that he’s not actually evil.

What is the most famous quote from Dr. Horrible?

1. “Wow, sarcasm. That’s original.”

2. “And by the way, it’s not about making money, it’s about taking money. Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it.”

3. “A lot of guys ignore the laugh, and that’s about standards. I mean, if you’re gonna get into the Evil League of Evil, you have to have a memorable laugh. What, do you think Bad Horse didn’t work on his whinny? His terrible death-whinny?”

4. “Moist! My evil moisture buddy. What’s going on?”

5. “Hey, didn’t you, uh, didn’t you go on a date last night? Conflict Diamond told me you were doubling with Bait and Switch.”

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