Dr. DisRespect Costume

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With the Dr. Disrespect costume, you will be ready for any costume battle.

A video game streamer from the United States known as Dr. Disrespect, or Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV. Dr. Disrespect is a popular internet personality and Twitch streamer.

With millions of Twitch followers, he has a character called Dr. Disrespect that he plays to entertain his audience. 

He makes his games stand out from the rest by bringing his bombastic personality to them. It has been his pleasure to compete against other high-level players in H1Z1 and PUBG tournaments.

What You Need:

  1. Black Compression Shirt
  2. Red Leather Vest
  3. Mullet Wig
  4. Military Pants
  5. Sunglasses
  6.  Red Head Set
  7. Military Belt
  8. Fake Mustache
  9. Black Boots

DIY Dr. DisRespect Costume Guide

A streamer with style, Dr. DisRespect is one of the best. The style of Dr. Disrespect is unique

A red outdoor vest, red undershirt, military pants, and black boots are most often seen on him in 80s-style clothes.

His black hair looks like it belongs to a rock star from the 80s. Besides these, he also uses a Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless Headset. 

Dress as Dr. Disrespect by wearing black compression pants, a tactical belt, a red tactical vest, a black mullet, and Oakley sunglasses. 

It wouldn’t be complete without sunglasses and a mustache to nail his iconic look.

Dr. DisRespect Cosplay Costume

The gaming motto of Dr. D is “Violence. Speed. Momentum“. To look the part, you don’t need much, but to act the part, you need some insane entertainment skills. 

There aren’t many complicated parts to Dr. DisRespect Costume, so it’s easy to pull off. 

Among the costume’s accessories are sunglasses, a tactical vest, a red turtleneck, headphones, as well as an Ethiopian caterpillar mustache referred to as Slick Daddy.

Oh, and a mullet is a must for anyone who wants to be “The Doc.” It would not be complete without either piece. You’re in the game if you have them all!

For a better understanding of his actions, watch how he streams. The character of Dr. D is ideal when cosplaying with your gaming friends.

Dr. DisRespect Costume

About Dr. DisRespect

Under the online alias Dr. DisRespect, Herschel Beahm IV has been playing games such as Apex Legends and PUBG under the alias Herschel Beahm IV. 

Despite his odd but cool gaming attire, this streamer has more than 2.5 million followers on Twitch, and he makes streaming extremely fun to watch.

A proud mullet and an extremely thick mustache nick-named Slick Daddy make up Doc’s no-apologies look. 

He has been crowned two-time back-to-back champion of the Blockbuster Games World Champions held in 1993 and 1994, winning the top prize in both games.

Dr. DisRespect Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Dr. DisRespect?

1. “I want Dr to be sort of the next Batman. I want to be 70, 80 years old and want someone else to play Dr Disrespect.”

2. “One of the things I pride myself on is that I don’t cuss. It’s extremely rare, but when I do it kind of adds to the character.”

3. “2020 is going to be a defining year for streamers.”

4. “I don’t want to be a sellout.”

5. “I am the Two-Time back-to-back blockbuster 1993-1994 video game champion, with a deadly Ethiopian caterpillar, standing at 6’8” with a 37” vertical leap.”