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The Doctor Poison costume comes from the DC comic, Wonder Woman. She makes an appearance in the 2017 iteration of the film as well.

Doctor Poison, whose real name is Isabel Maru, is a chemist. Not much is said about her besides the fact that she gets recruited to make poisons for the German forces.

She is demented and likes to make poisons that are capable of causing the most pain possible. Perhaps as a result of her experimentation with poison, she is disfigured on one side of her face and wears a mask over that portion.

You’ll Need:

  1. Scientist Lab Coat
  2. Open Face Hood Mask
  3. Steampunk Goggles
  4. Brown Boots
  5. Khaki Apron
  6. White Mask
  7. Almond Spray Paint

DIY Doctor Poison Costume Guide

Doctor Poison wouldn’t be a mad scientist without a lab coat, so begin there. Under the lab coat, you can slip on a long brown apron.

On your head, you should wear an open-face hood mask. Get a plain white mask and cut a piece from it to shape it into the look of her own partial mask. Fix a pair of steampunk-style goggles on your head as well.

On your feet, you can wear a simple pair of brown boots. Finish off this costume by carrying around with you an old notebook to keep Doctor Poison’s deadly recipes in.

Doctor Poison Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Doctor Poison Cosplay Costume

Fans of DC comics were excited to see one of the recurring comic book villains shows up on the silver screen. Many believed that her live-action counterpart was a faithful rendition of the pages.

This makes the Doctor Poison costume a good choice for DC fans, no matter if you are a fan since the comic book days or only came to know her in the 2017 film, Wonder Woman.

Above, we’ve shown you how to dress in your own Doctor Poison costume in time for your next convention or costume party.

Doctor Poison Costume

About Doctor Poison from Wonder Woman

Doctor Poison, who is really named Isabel Maru, is a twisted chemist who was called upon by German forces. They asked Doctor Poison to work with them to devise harmful poisons.

As her name might suggest, she is a poison specialist who knows how to make the most brutal of concoctions.

At the same time, she was twisted and dark at heart. She has a unique appearance with the ceramic mask that she wears over part of her face due to disfigurement.

What is the most famous quote from Doctor Poison?

1. “I’m so close. I knwo I can make the gas penetrate the mask. I just… I need more time.”

2. “Get that man! There!”

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