Dick Tracy Costume

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If you love detective stories, the Dick Tracy costume is a good choice for you.

Dick Tracy is a classic character born in 1909. He grew up to become one of the best-decorated police officers in the United States. He has a reputation for taking down criminals while he’s on duty.

In Dick Tracy, a reporter named Wendy Wichel was constantly on his case. She was always accusing the sharp sleuth of excessive violence and police brutality.

Even so, he was awarded the US Medal of Freedom and is generally respected as a force for good.

You’ll Need:

  1. Yellow Wool Coat
  2. White Dress Shirt
  3. Black 3-Piece Suit
  4. Yellow Fedora Hat
  5. Black Oxford Shoes
  6. Pistol Toy
  7. Striped Tie

DIY Dick Tracy Costume Guide

To kick off the Dick Tracy costume, you should first get a classic-fit dress suit jacket, and pants. Underneath the jacket, slip on a white dress shirt and follow that up with a black suit vest.

Put the finishing touches on his sleek apparel with a black and red striped necktie. Then, grab a long yellow wool trench coat to wear over the top of all of the above.

On your feet, you can step into a pair of traditional black Oxford shoes. Finally, place a fedora hat on your head. Look for a yellow or beige one that matches the coat.

Last but not least, you should get a toy prop pistol to carry around with you in your hands, just like the detective often does.

Dick Tracy Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dick Tracy Cosplay Costume

Dick Tracy is one of the most famous detectives. Any lover of old-fashioned detective stories will be able to recognize Dick Tracy’s look.

With his hat and trench coat, he has a classic detective appearance that has inspired many characters in the years to come.

Above, we’ve shown you how to make your own Dick Tracy costume. Follow the steps to get this costume ready for your next costumed event.

You also can invite your friend to dress up as Breathless Mahoney, Big Boy Caprice, Tess Trueheart, and Itchy Dick Tracy to form a group costume to go to the party together.

Dick Tracy Costume

About Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy is one of the most famous detectives. He was born in the year 1909, and as he grew up, he became a cunning police officer.

His skill at what he did earned him a famous reputation and made him the most decorated police officer of his time.

Known for taking down almost every criminal he comes across, sometimes his methods are criticized. A reporter named Wendy Wichel often comes down on him for excess violence, accusing him of police brutality.

Despite his controversial methods, he is still respected. In 1994, he received the US Medal of Freedom.

What is the most famous quote from Dick Tracy?

1. “No grief for Lips?”

2. “You know, it’s legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the lights.”