Last-Minute Dick Tracy Costume Idea

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  1. Yellow Wool Coat
  2. White Dress Shirt
  3. Black 3-Piece Suit
  4. Yellow Fedora Hat
  5. Black Oxford Shoes
  6. Pistol Toy
  7. Striped Tie

Easy DIY Dick Tracy Costume Guide

Dick Tracy is one of the most famous detectives, played by Warren Beatty in the same-name action crime comedy film. It depicts the detective’s romantic entanglements with Breathless Mahoney and Tess Trueheart and his conflicts with crime boss Alphonse Big Boy Caprice.

To dress like Dick Tracy, you will need White Dress Shirt and Black 3-Piece Suit underneath the Yellow Wool Coat. Then, pair the look with a Yellow Fedora Hat, Striped Tie, and Black Oxford Shoes. Finally, get a toy prop pistol to carry around with you in your hands, just like the detective often does.

About Dick Tracy

In the film, set in 1938, Kid witnesses a mobster massacre at an illegal card game. Detective Dick Tracy rescues Kid and, with Tess Trueheart’s help, temporarily adopts him.

Tracy faces challenges from Big Boy, who seeks control of the city’s businesses. An unknown ally aids Tracy’s efforts to dismantle Big Boy’s empire called The Blank. Tess is kidnapped, and The Blank frames Big Boy for murder.

Tracy is released on New Year’s Eve, leading to a showdown with Big Boy on a bridge. The Blank is revealed as Breathless, mortally wounded, who confesses her love to Tracy before dying. All charges against Tracy are dropped, and he proposes to Tess.

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