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A Delsin costume is assuredly a smash hit among gamer cosplayers who grew up playing the Infamous series.

Delsin Rowe is the main protagonist of Infamous: Second Son as well as the successor to Cole MacGrath. As such, he is the second playable protagonist in the series.

Delsin, who came after Cole but before Abigail Walker, used to live a normal life as a graffiti artist and was the Akomish Reservation’s local delinquent.

He discovered that he is a conduit after grabbing a D.U.P. captive, Hank, all in order to save his brother Reggie. This, in turn, activates his respective powers.

Delsin soon realizes that he possesses the unique ability to absorb another conduit’s powers after touching them. Using his newfound powers, he begins a journey to dismantle the D.U.P.’s operations.

You’ll Need:

  1. Delsin Rowe Denim Vest
  2. Red Plaid Shirt
  3. Denim Pants
  4. Red Beanie
  5. Black Hoodie
  6. Chain Bracelet
  7. Black Sneakers

DIY Delsin Rowe Cosplay Guide

Delsin instantly became popular thanks to his iconic look and rebellious personality from the Infamous series.

His dark-colored, everyday ensemble doesn’t help him stand out as much, but it has become a style loved by people with anti-authoritarian outlooks.

His popularity and delinquent appearance make the Delsin cosplay an easy one.

Start off with a simple red plaid shirt as the base of your cosplay. Then, layer a plain black hoodie over it.

Next, obtain a pair of black slim-fit denim pants. You absolutely cannot forget the denim vest with colorful pins that go on top either!

Find yourself a simple pair of black sneakers for the feet. You’ll also need a bright red beanie to complete your look.

Finally, purchase a set of silver chain links to adorn your right wrist. Or you may use a silver bracelet instead.

Infamous Second Son – Delsin Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Delsin Rowe Cosplay Costume

Over time, Delsin has become something of a delinquent icon. His simple manner, his dress, and his red bean are really representative.

This is especially true among people who love punk styles and clothing, as well as streetwear.

Embrace the conduit the way Delsin does and blow everyone away with this cosplay.

It will be a great idea to attempt an Infamous group cosplay this Halloween. Get your friends to dress up as Cole MacGrath, Abigail Walker, Reggie Rowe, and Henry Daughtry to crash any party with you!

Delsin Rowe Cosplay

About Delsin Rowe from Infamous

Following the incident with the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P. ), Delin travels with Reggie to Seattle to acquire the D.U.P. director’s power of arrest. Doing so would allow him to heal his fellow Akomish members.

He is a man with a rebellious attitude and a love for anti-authoritarian street art. His frequent tendencies to tag structures with graffiti constantly irritate and embarrass Reggie, who has to keep on arresting him.

Delsin’s ability to absorb other conduits’ powers leads to him replacing Cole MacGrath’s electric-based powers. By the end, he wields the powers of four conduits and can easily switch between them by absorbing the corresponding power source.

What is the most famous quote from Delsin Rowe?

1. “No! I can do this! I can do this; I can do this!”

2. “Maybe you should stop arresting your brother, over and over and over again…”

3. “Reggie. I did this. And I gotta fix it.”

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