Dean Winchester: Monster Hunter

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The Dean Winchester costume is one that Dean fans like to dress up in. Dean Winchester is the main character on the long-running show, Supernatural. Throughout its many seasons, the story follows Dean and his younger brother, Sam. The two go around the country hunting down monsters and other creatures that threaten humanity in some…

You’ll Need:

  1. Brown Leather Jacket
  2. Black Short Sleeve Shirt
  3. Olive Flannel Shirt
  4. Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean
  5. Brown Boots
  6. Plain Dome High Polished Ring
  7. Mask Pendant Necklace

DIY Dean Winchester Costume Guide

Dean and Sam consider what they do to be the family business, but Dean views things differently. He is a gruff man who has a chip on his shoulder over his father. Sam, on the other hand, is softer and more forgiving over what happened. Throughout the series, Dean serves as a protector of his baby brother as they go through their father’s old book, following his lead and hunting monsters. 

To dress like Dean Winchester, you will need an Olive Flannel Shirt underneath Brown Leather Jacket and Black Short Sleeve Shirt. Then, grab a Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean and Brown Boots for the bottom. Finish the look with Mask Pendant Necklace and Plain Dome High Polished Ring. Putting all these items together and you can recreate your own Dean Winchester costume.

Dean Winchester Cosplay Costume

Dean dresses in pretty casual clothing to stay comfortable; they are constantly on the road in his car named Baby. To dress like him, you’ll need a long-sleeve button-up shirt with a collar. He also wears a brown distressed leather jacket, which is perhaps the most famous piece of attire he wears. On his feet, Dean dons a pair of simple brown leather boots to match. 

Around his neck is a mask pendant necklace, and he wears a simple silver ring. On his chest, he has an Anti-Possession Tattoo that you can either draw onto your skin or buy a temporary tattoo. Finally, you will need to carry around a plastic machete. You will also want to make or purchase the Dean Winchester fake FBI badge that he carries around with him to get access to information.

dean winchester costume

About Dean Winchester from Supernatural

Dean Winchester is one of the main characters on Supernatural. Besides his younger brother, Sam, he hunts down monsters causing trouble and killing them. It all started when their mother was killed, and their father went crazy trying to figure out what happened. He took Sam and Dean along with him as children as he tracked down monsters. After John’s disappearance, the two of them took it upon themselves to continue the work of the family business. Using John’s notes and leads they pick up on the way, the two continue to hunt monsters and look for answers.

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What is the most famous quote from Dean Winchester?

1. “That’s Fake Me. This Must Be Fake Mine.”

2. “I Think You Pissed Off My Sandwich.”

3. “Be Like Elsa. Let It Go.”

4. “Demons I Get. People Are Crazy.”

5. “I Think I’m Adorable.”