Last-Minute Daki Costume Idea

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  1. Daki Costume
  2. Daki Wig
  3. Daki Hair Accessories
  4. Body Painting
  5. Maroon Nail Paint
  6. Wooden Clogs
  7. Black Tattoo Markers

Easy DIY Daki Cosplay Guide

The Demon Daki is one of the primary antagonists of the Entertainment District Arc in the Demon Slayer series. She is one of the Twelve Kizuki under Muzan Kibutsuji. She is the secondary holder of the Upper-Rank Six position alongside her older brother, Gyutaro. Together, they form a genuinely deadly combo.

To dress like Daki, get started with a Daki Costume, a revealing but impactful getup. This will include her Top, Shorts, sleeves, and Back Ribbons. Follow up with a pair of Black Wooden Clogs with White Straps. Get some Maroon Nail Paint. Next, purchase a Daki Cosplay Wig. Decorate it with Daiki’s Hair accessories. Moving on, procure some Temporary Black Tattoo Markers to draw on her demon Markings. Finally, get some White Body Paint to slather across your body.

About Daki From Demon Slayer

Before undergoing demonification, Daki used to be a beautiful human girl named Ume. She used to live on the Rashomon Riverbank in Yoshiwara with her brother Gyutaro; they were turned into demons by Douma following their tragic human fate.

Personality-wise, Daki is a very prideful, dismissive, and sadistic being. She derives great enjoyment from toying with her victims before killing them and does not show any guilt or remorse.

She also thinks very highly of herself, going so far as to dismiss all non-Hashira-level Demon Slayers as not being worth her time. Her arrogance and dismissiveness were critical factors in her downfall.

Her Blood Demon Art is Obi Sash Manipulation, allowing her to create flower-patterned obi sashes from her flesh and freely manipulate them at will. These Sashes are known to be as soft as silk but as sharp as Nichiren Swords.

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