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The D.W. Read costume is taken from the animated PBS show, Arthur. She is known as Arthur’s youngest sister and is an anthropomorphic aardvark like the rest of her family.

The character’s full name is Dora Winifred Read. Not much is seen of D.W. Read outside of her interactions with her brother. The two tend to annoy each other quite often and get in each other’s way.

D.W. Read is known to be a drama queen and can be rather bratty. This adds an interesting contrast to Arthur’s even-keeled and calm personality.

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Flare Dress
  2. White Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. White Pantyhose
  4. Bear Ears Headband
  5. Brown Wig
  6. Flat Shoes

DIY D.W. Read Costume Guide

Creating this D.W. Read is a simple process. First, you’ll need to get a short pink flare dress without sleeves. Underneath the dress, you can wear a white long-sleeve shirt.

For the bottom, you should wear a pair of full-length white tights. Step into light blue flat shoes.

On your head, wear a brown wig. This wig should have straight bangs and sit just around the chin like D.W.’s own.

Finally, show off her animalistic origins with a pair of light brown animal ears on your head.

Arthur D.W. Being a Mood | Halloween Costume Ideas

D.W. Read Cosplay Costume

The D.W. Read is a quick and simple costume that you can throw together quickly at the last minute. Its casual nature also makes it a good candidate for those who want to get away with a subtle daytime costume.

You can make the D.W. Read costume even more memorable by having your friends dress up as other characters from Arthur, like Arthur Read, Binky Barnes, Muffy Crosswire, Mr. Ratburn, and Sue Ellen Armstrong.

Above, we’ve shown you the steps to take to create a D.W. Read costume for yourself. By following these steps, you’ll have a costume ready for your next convention or Halloween party.

D.W. Read Costume

About D.W. Read

D.W., whose real name is Dora Winifred, is the youngest sister of Arthur Read. The two of them have a relationship that mainly consists of annoying one another.

D.W. is a bit of a brat who is rather dramatic and focused on herself more than anything else. Her personality is very different from that of her brother.

Although she is smarter than others of the same age, D.W. can also be quite gullible.

What is the most famous quote from D.W. Read?

1. “Now I know what true power feels like.”

2. “That’s your after-school snack? “

3. Nothing tastes as sweet as revenge.”

4. “I’m too tired to think of any more mean things to say.”

5. “I’m sick of sunshine.”

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