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The Cousin Itt costume is a creation from The Addams Family franchise. He was created by the show’s producer instead of Charles Addams.  

Cousin Itt is a peculiar character who is very smart. Though he can’t be understood by much of the family, it has been proven that he has a 300 IQ.

He is covered from top to bottom in hair, giving him a unique appearance.

No one knows what is under the hair. Once, Gomez Addams asked him what was under there, and Cousin Itt simply replied, “roots.”

You’ll Need:

  1. Cousin Itt Hair Costume
  2. Bowler Hat
  3. Round Framed Sunglasses
  4. Black Sneakers

DIY Cousin Itt Costume Guide

Get creative to cover yourself in “hair” by getting a Cousin Itt hair costume to create the layered hairy look

Though you can’t see much of his body beneath the hair, his feet are visible. On them, he wears a pair of black sneakers.
On top of his head, Cousin Itt wears a black bowler hat. He finishes off his accessories with a pair of round framed sunglasses over his face.

Cousin Itt Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Cousin Itt Cosplay Costume

The Addams Family is a decades-old story that first began as a comic book and became a TV show shortly after. 

They are well-known among fans of old-school horror and cult classics. Due to the timeless nature of the show, costumes such as the Cousin Itt costume make a good choice for fans of the franchise, no matter when they got on board. 

You can make this costume even more unique by dressing up in a group cosplay with the theme of The Addams Family. Have them wear costumes made of the other members of the Addams family, like Wednesday Addams, Uncle Fester, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams, Lurch, and Pugsley Addams.

Cousin Itt Costume

About Cousin Itt from The Addams Family 

Cousin Itt is a strange character on the show, The Addams Family. Not much is known about him except that he is quite smart, with an IQ of 300. 

It is certain that he is also very good at pleasing women’s hearts.

What makes Cousin Itt stand out among the cast of equally strange characters is the fact that he is covered in long hair down to his feet. 
No one knows what he looks like underneath the hair, so he is very mysterious.

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