Colonel Sanders Costume


A Colonel Sanders costume is sure to make your friends laugh and feel hungry in equal measure.

Colonel Sanders was the founder of KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, a popular fast food restaurant in the United States. During his time, he was a famous icon for fried chicken.

His face appeared on the packaging for the company’s food. The likeness of Colonel Sanders appeared in other places as well, including on the signs and another branding for KFC.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Fit Dress Suit
  2. Colonel Wig and Beard
  3. Black Western Tie
  4. Wood Cane
  5. Half Frame Glasses
  6. Oxford Shoes
  7. Fried Chicken Props
  8. Red Apron

DIY Colonel Sanders Costume Guide

Wearing a Colonel Sanders costume will let you shake up your usual costumes at your next convention or Halloween costume party. 

To dress like Colonel Sanders, you will need Colonel Wig and Beard, White Fit Dress Suit with Black Western Tie, Oxford Shoes, and Wood Cane. 

Regarding accessories, you may consider wearing Half Frame Glasses and Red Apron.

Finally, holding the Fried Chicken Props as your signature items, you’re ready to party.

Colonel Sanders Cosplay Costume

Colonel Sanders became famous for his constant appearances and advertising efforts wearing what would become an iconic outfit. This kept him at the forefront of American food culture

The Colonel Sanders costume is a great choice if you want a unique costume this Halloween. 

To start, you will need an all-white suit. With the white suit figured out, you should get a pair of dress shoes that match the suit. 

Around his neck, Colonel Sanders forwent the traditional necktie with his suit. Instead, he wore a simple black satin western tie. 

As for accessories, Colonel Sanders wore half-frame horn-rimmed glasses. They were black to match his tie. 

Then, you will need to acquire a folding cane that has a derby handle, something he was also commonly seen with. He had snow-white hair and mustaches, so get a set that matches his hair color. 

It is also a great idea to cosplay with your partner as a funny couples Halloween costume. KFC Colonel Sanders and Chicken couples costume will make you stand out as an iconic couple look.

colonel sanders costume

About Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders is an iconic person in the United States. He was the founder of the popular United States-based fast food chicken restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

This restaurant was founded in 1952, advertising a “secret recipe” for fried chicken. By the middle of the 1960s, his restaurant was already quite popular. 

Even though he passed away nearly half a century ago, he remains one of the most easily recognizable figures in America and beyond. 

It was and is hard to escape his face when driving through towns, as it can be found on Kentucky Fried Chicken road signs. His likeness was used in other ways for branding as well, including on the packaging for his food.

Colonel Sanders Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Colonel Sanders?

1. “One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better.”

2. “I’ve only had two rules. Do all you can and do it the best you can.”

3. “The hard way builds solidly a foundation of confidence that cannot be swept away.”

4. “I feed truck drivers, millionaires all at the same table.”

5. “There’s something inside of me that makes me want to help people, especially people who are having difficulty of some kind.”

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