Clover Cheerleader (Bring It On) Costume

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The Clover Cheerleader costume is an iconic costume of Bring It On, a film series featuring high school cheerleaders.

Back then, more movies were based on high school and could succeed on a lower budget and still make their returns.

You’ll Need:

  1. Clover Cheerleader Costume
  2. Orange Bandana
  3. Cheerleader Tennis Shoes
  4. White Socks

DIY Clover Cheerleader Costume Guide

The cheerleading outfits really stand out, and that’s in spite that there is so much variety in cheerleading costumes.

Most cheerleading costumes are red, white, and blue or some combination of white, red, and orange. But it’s rare for cheerleaders to wear any kind of green.

Recreating the Clover Cheerleader look is quite easy. All you will need are a full Clover Cheerleader Costume and Cheerleader Tennis Shoes paired with Orange Bandana and White Socks.

Clover Cheerleader Cosplay Costume

When it comes to imitating the style of the cheerleaders, the personality and moves are what are most important.

It’s what distinguishes the different cheerleading groups from each other and what separates a mediocre cheerleading squad from a top-tier squad.

The makeup is also really important for either you or your group when you want to dress up as these cheerleaders.

Most High-schoolers don’t have great makeup, so don’t try to create the most professional-looking face when you go out to do this.

Try to be a bit organic with how you want your makeup to look, and don’t get anything expensive.

When it comes to shoes, it’s completely up in the air what you may personally want to use.

If you’re out with friends to take photos as the clover cheerleaders, just get shoes that are going to match your costume. In this way, there’s as much consistency as possible.

Clover Cheerleader Costume

About Clover Cheerleader

Bring It On is primarily targeted toward a High School audience, and there are many cliches and stereotypes that revolve around that setting.

Torrence is the star of the show and wants to be a successful cheerleader, but initially has a conflict with Isis.

However, as the movie progresses, everyone starts to get along with each other a bit better, and football players even begin to do better during their varsity season.

Though Cheerleading is primarily thought of as support for the sports teams that compete for the pride of their school. They also formally compete and are judged against other cheerleading squads on their coordination.

Overall, Torrance and Isis’ team do end up getting the win, but the clover team didn’t go down without giving it their all.

Clover Cheerleader Costume| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Clover Cheerleader?

1. “This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy.”

2. “Smile. … Don’t smile.”

3. “Were the ethnic festivities to your liking today?”

4. “Every time we get some here, y’all come trying to steal it, putting this blond hair on it and calling it something

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