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A Chippendales costume is a funny way to dress up for Halloween. Instead of being a character, the Chippendales are a touring cast of dancers.

What they are known for are their skimpy clothing and their muscular bodies. They only wear pants, a collar, and bow ties, meaning their ensembles are very revealing.

Oftentimes, they are known for their stripteases. They were the first all-male stripper company.

You’ll Need:

  1. Collar and Cuff Set
  2. White Belt
  3. Black Pants
  4. Black Dress Shoes

DIY Chippendales Costume Guide

Follow our costume guide to dress like Chippendales easily.

The Chippendales costume is really simple and easy. To begin, you will need a pair of skinny fit denim jeans.

If you don’t want to go shirtless, you can get a muscle t-shirt that looks like a muscular torso.

On your neck, you should wear a black and white bowtie collar. On your wrists, wear a pair of matching cuffs.

Around the waist, you should wear a white webbing belt to contrast against the dark pants. Finally, get a pair of dress shoes to wear on your feet.

Chippendales Cosplay Costume

Since they don’t wear shirts, the Chippendales are a good cosplay choice for men confident in their bodies.

If you want to dress as a Chippendale but aren’t ripped, you can wear a muscle shirt to simulate it.

Make the costume a head-turner by getting other male friends to dress up as Chippendales with you. This is sure to get you attention at any costume party or other event.

Chippendales Costume

About Chippendales

The Chippendales were the first all-male stripper company to be founded in 1979. They are a traveling dance group that puts emphasis on sex appeal.

Most commonly, Chippendales are known for their strip teases. They already hardly wear any clothes, so they look quite provocative without any effort.

Above, we’ve shown you the easy process of putting together a Chippendales costume.

Chippendales Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Chippendales?

1. “This is impossible! Can’t we just hire them both?”

2. “No. We’ve been through this. We’ve only got the budget for one dancer!”

3. “Well, that’s our job. That’s what Chippendales pays us for.”

4. “Yeah, but these guys have been through hell! Five hours of auditions, three callbacks..”

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