Candy Girl Purge: A Bloodthirsty Girl

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How about trying out the Candy Girl Purge costume this Halloween? This character from The Purge Election Year is impressive, but it also comes with many great ideas. The franchise is fantastic, and it has a cult following, so they are always trying to up the ante with new characters. And that’s precisely where Candy…

You’ll Need:

  1. Kiss Me Mask
  2. Bustier Corset Top
  3. White Bubble Skirt
  4. Halloween Bloody Stockings
  5. Mary Jane High Heel Pumps
  6. Fake Blood
  7. Gun Prop

DIY Candy Girl Purge Costume Guide

Bloodthirsty and downright terrifying, the Candy Girl Purge costume is a cool one, and it stands out with its great and unique perspective. That’s what makes it so engaging and rewarding.

Throw on the Kiss Me Mask, Bustier Corset Top, White Bubble Skirt, Halloween Bloody Stockings, and Mary Jane High Heel Pumps to look like her. Items like Gun Prop and Fake Blood are also essential to complete the look.

Candy Girl Purge Cosplay Costume

The Candy Girl Purge costume is quite exciting and a lot of fun. It does have some crazy elements, and the nice thing is that you can fully customize it the way you want. It’s different from all the other things that you can find out there and certainly worth giving it a try at the very least.

It’s a great, unique horror costume that many people will love just because it’s so distinctive and potent at the same time. You always want to try out something new, and with this particular costume, you really get to have that, which is why it makes a lot of sense to at least give it a try for yourself and see if you enjoy it.

candy girl purge costume

About Candy Girl From The Purge: Election Year

During the Purge night, people can go out and do whatever they want without any restrictions. This was very challenging because a lot of murders and thefts happened at that time. We see Candy Girl as a high schooler named Kimmy that tries to steal candy from a local store, but she gets caught. She threatens the owners with guns, and they do end up destroying the store more than you would ever imagine. And that’s what really makes it so cool and fun, so it makes sense to try out the Candy Girl Purge costume since it’s so unique and filled with creative ideas you do not want to miss.

The Purge Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from The Purge?

1. “Just let us Purge.” 

2. “You don’t remember how bad it was, Charlie, the poverty, all the crime. This night saved our country.” 

3. “We’re gonna make it through tonight, and everything is gonna be okay.”

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