Last-Minute Brock Pokémon Costume Idea

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  1. Orange Lightweight T-Shirt
  2. Green Utility Vest with Pockets
  3. Spiky Brown Wig
  4. Levi’s Regular-Fit Stretch Jeans
  5. Herschel Little America Navy Backpack
  6. Pokéball Plush
  7. Belt Pouches
  8. Canvas Web Belt
  9. Puma Smash Buck Icon Blue Shoes

Easy DIY Brock Pokémon Costume Guide

Brock is one of the main characters in the Pokémon franchise, voiced by Yuji Ueda. Brock follows Ash on his quest to catch all the Pokemon. He has dreams of becoming a Pokemon breeder.

To dress like Brock, you will need a plain orange shirt with a bright green sleeveless vest. For the bottom, wear brown jeans and blue shoes. Then, get a spiky brown wig to nail the iconic look. Next, add a navy backpack, canvas web belt, and belt pouches. You can also bring a Pokemon plush to make the cosplay stand out.

About Brock From Pokémon

Brock is a former gym leader in Pewter City. Brock leaves his post after Ash shows up and challenges him to a Pokemon battle. Losing Ash has changed his priorities and what he wants to achieve. He sets out with Ash, who is trying to catch all of the Pokemon, with a dream of his own.

He is the tallest, oldest, and most mature member of the group of Pokemon trainers. His most significant weaknesses are beautiful women, and their friend, Misty, often pulls him away and keeps him focused. Brock is friendly and quickly bonds with many Pokemon they encounter, making him a vital addition to Ash’s successful journey.

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