Brock Pokemon Costume


With a Brock Pokemon costume, you are sure to delight the Pokemon fans that you come across.

Brock is one of the main characters in the Pokemon franchise. Fans first meet Brock as the gym leader in Pewter City. In his gym, he loses his battle with Ash.

This defeat prompts him to leave behind his gym leader duties and follow Ash on his quest to catch all the Pokemon. Brock himself has dreams of becoming a Pokemon breeder.

You’ll Need:

  1. Orange Lightweight T-Shirt
  2. Green Utility Vest with Pockets
  3. Spiky Brown Wig
  4. Levi’s Regular-Fit Stretch Jeans
  5. Herschel Little America Navy Backpack
  6. Pokéball Plush
  7. Belt Pouches
  8. Canvas Web Belt
  9. Puma Smash Buck Icon Blue Shoes

DIY Brock Pokemon Costume Guide

The Brock Pokemon costume is an easily recognizable one with its bold colors. Below, we have put together a Brock Pokemon costume guide for you to follow to create your cosplay. 

To begin your cosplay, you will need a plain orange shirt. Layer the shirt with a bright green sleeveless vest. 

Brock wears a pair of simple khaki pants that seem to ground the bright colors of his upper half. On his feet, he wears a pair of blue sneakers. 

The spiky hair of Brock is part of what makes him noticeable. For this reason, you will want to find a wig that looks like his. 

You can also bring a Pokemon plush to make the cosplay stand out.

Brock Pokemon Cosplay Costume

Brock is friendly and easily bonds with many of the Pokemon that they encounter on their journey, making him a vital addition to Ash’s successful journey. 

Dressing in your own Brock Pokemon costume is an easy thing to do, thanks to his simple attire. 

Above, we have outlined a guide on how to create your very own Brock Pokemon costume for your next convention.

Don’t cosplay Brock alone; instead, you can form a group cosplay by following the Pokemon theme. Invite your friends to dress like Ash Ketchum, Misty, Dawn, and May and go to the party with you. Why not apply the idea this Halloween?

brock pokemon costume

About Brock from Pokémon

Brock is a former gym leader in Pewter City. After Ash shows up and challenges him to a Pokemon battle, Brock ends up leaving his post. 

Losing against Ash seems to have changed his priorities and what he really wants to achieve in life. 

He sets out with Ash, who is trying to catch all of the Pokemon, with a dream of his own. Brock wants to be a great Pokemon breeder.

He is the tallest, oldest, and most mature member of the group of Pokemon trainers. 

His biggest weaknesses are beautiful women, and their friend, Misty, often pulls him away and keeps him focused. 

Because Brock is so likable and down-to-earth, so he is a popular character among Pokemon fans.

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What is the most famous quote from Brock?

1. ” I love jelly doughnuts”

2. Jelly filled ones are my favorite! Nothing beats a jelly filled doughnut.

3. “I can’t believe I don’t have you written down in my Blue Book of Babes! Silly me!” – Brock, Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai

4. “She can violate my rights.”

5. “Both of Ash’s Pokemon are Water types and they’re TOTALLY weak against fire types”.

6. “I’ll use my frying pan, as a DRYING pan”

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