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Are you interested in being Nintendo Super Mario this Halloween? You do not need to look any further than the Bowsette costume.

In the Super Mario fandom, Bowsette is a character created by fans. She is the female version of Bowser, who is the same power-up as Princess Peach, but has been transformed into a gender-swapped version.

In the past few years, Bowsette has become popular. Her popularity online grew, and fans have already created characters based on her appearances in games.

She wore long horns, spikes, and fangs that matched her armbands and had long horned collars. Because Bowsette is a fan-made character, it’s not that hard to come up with one of the best Bowsette cosplays.

You’ll Need:

  1. Bowsette Dress
  2. Punk Choker and Bracelet
  3. Bowsette Crown
  4. Bowsette Wig
  5. Bowsette Horns
  6. Black Boots
  7. Turtle Shells Backpack
  8. Black Nails Polish
  9. Vampire Teeth
  10. Stud Earrings

DIY Bowsette Cosplay Guide

It is only a few months since Bowsette came into being, yet it has already become popular.

In spite of the fact that Bowsette was not included in any official Nintendo game, her existence was entangled with Super Mario Bros.

Start with Bowsette Wig paired with a Bowsette Crown and Horns to get her to look.

Then, put on Bowsette Dress and Black Boots. Add some accessories like Punk Choker and Bracelet, Vampire Teeth, and Stud Earrings.

You can also paint your nails black like her. Don’t forget to carry the Turtle Shells Backpack to complete your whole look.

Bowsette Cosplay Costume

A Nintendo fan in 2018 released a character called Bowsette, who has garnered a lot of traction on the internet since then.

Despite the fact that the world has embraced the fame of a fan-made character, they have been able to embrace it so despite not appearing in any games yet.

The huge popularity of Bowsette is evident from the fact that a convention is already planned.

You can form a group costume for an extra touch of fun for your cosplay. Invite your good friends to dress like Mario Bros, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Waluigi, and go to the party with you. Keep the Mario theme at your costume party; you will stand out with an iconic look.

Bowsette Cosplay

About Bowsette

The Bowsette (Koopa Hime in Japan) is a gender-bent version of the Bowser character from the game Mario. Princess Peach separates from Mario and Bowser after receiving a rejection from her in Super Mario Odyssey.

Princess Peach resembled her, but Toadette had distinguishing features. She resembles Bowser, Mario’s arch-nemesis, with her fangs and horns, spikes on her collar, and armbands on her arms.

Fan-made characters have become popular on the internet. More Mario characters have been created since then. Bowsette is already a popular character, regardless of whether she will appear in Nintendo games.

Bowsette Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Bowsette?

1. “Mama’s home! Who’s up for a spanking?!”


3. “I am Bowsette! Queen of Koopas! Berserker-class servant! Now, you there. Don’t call me your servant! I’m the Boss here… GET IT, PUNK?!”

4. “Gotcha!”

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