Beetlejuice: An Obnoxious and Devious Ghost

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At some point or another, every cosplayer wants to try their hand at a Beetlejuice costume. Beetlejuice is an iconic character from the movie of the same name. This character, played by Michael Keaton, is known for his loud, obnoxious personality. Beetlejuice also has a devious streak that leads him to cause mischief throughout the…

You’ll Need:

  1. Men’s 2-Piece Suits
  2. White Dress Shirts
  3. Men’s Pointed-Toe Shoes
  4. Dark Red Bow Tie
  5. White Face Paint
  6. Beetlejuice Wig
  7. Flower Metal Brooch

DIY Beetlejuice Costume Guide

After the character Lydia Deetz moves into her new home and starts talking to the spirits, she eventually encounters Beetlejuice himself. The specter starts scheming to find a way to get the woman to marry him. During this time, he changes out of his iconic striped suit. Instead, he slips into a red velveteen suit that matches the red dress of the woman he wants to marry.

If you’re ready to step into the shoes of this ghost, say Beetlejuice three times and read on to see how to create your own Beetlejuice costume. Star from the top with a Beetlejuice Wig, Red 2-Piece Suits, White Dress Shirts, and Pointed-Toe Shoes to recreate the look. Then, accessory yourself with a Dark Red Bow Tie and Flower Metal Brooch. Finally, paint your face white with body paint to complete your own Beetlejuice look.

Beetlejuice Cosplay Costume

To get his wedding-ready look, you’ll need to find a red blazer and matching pants. If you can’t get the exact same texture, that’s okay; from a distance, it won’t matter. Beneath his red blazer is an off-white strip of frilly material that you can find with any classic dress shirt. Both this portion and the blazer itself look a bit dusty, so making them look old and worn may help with the realism. Finish it off with a matching bowtie and boutonniere. 

As for hair and makeup, find a medium-length white-gray wig. You can thin it out on your own to create the wispy look of his hair if you can’t find a wig that already comes the way you need it. To complete the makeup, you will need white face paint. Use this face paint to cover your face and neck up to the collar of the dress shirt. Green paint here and there will also help. Finally, darken your eyes with blackish-purple eye shadow to complete the Beetlejuice costume.

Beetlejuice costume

About Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a devious and mischievous ghost haunting the home of Lydia Deetz. Once Lydia begins to talk to the deceased spirits of the former owners of her house, she is introduced to the greater spiritual world. Here, she encounters Beetlejuice, an annoying and obnoxious ghost that many of the other spirits seem to despise. Upon meeting Lydia, Beetlejuice tries to cook up a plan to get her to marry him, and chaos ultimately ensues.

Beetlejuice Halloween Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Beetlejuice?

1. “It’s Showtime!”

2. “I’ve Seen The Exorcist About 167 Times, And It Keeps Getting Funnier Every Single Time I See It!”

3. “I’m The Ghost With The Most, Babe!”

4. “Go Ahead. Make My Millennium!”

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