Bakugou: Young Hero with Hand Grenade Weapons

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Bakugou is a character in one of today’s most popular anime and manga series, My Hero Academia. He was born with the ability to make parts of his body explode and is a hot-headed character that often lets his temper get in the way of making rational decisions. Bakugou is popular with fans of Shonen…

You’ll Need:

  1. Katsuki Bakugou Costume
  2. Short Blonde Wig
  3. Plush Stuffed Grenades Hands Prop
  4. Bakugou Katsuki Boots

DIY Bakugou Costume Guide

Bakugou has an aggressive, explosive personality made to match his personality of exploding. In character popularity polls, he almost always places in the top 3 of most popular characters and serves as the rival character archetype for fans of this kind of series.

To dress like Bakugou, you will need a full Katsuki Bakugou Costume, Short Blonde Wig, and Bakugou Katsuki Boots. Don’t forget to bring the Plush Stuffed Grenades Hands Prop with you. Put all items together, and you’re ready to fight.

Bakugou Cosplay Costume

Doing a Bakugou costume will require you to meet some prerequisites, but once you do that, it should be straightforward to make your cosplay look natural. 

A couple of key parts define Bakugou’s main design as a character. The first would probably be his explosion mask. It’s what’s on his face and should, in theory, be what defines him most when he wears his costume. Generally, you can just do this by putting on some black face paint around your forehead and nose.

The following parts are a bit more essential. For example, Bakugou wears grenades around his wrists, which will be pretty complicated to recreate in a cosplay. Or you can buy a plush stuffed grenade hands prop instead. His black shirt and pants should be a bit simpler to do, but he does have boots that go up to his knees and orange straps that go around his chest—along with some green straps that go around his waist.

Bakugou costume

About Bakugou from My Hero Academia

Bakugou is a popular character due to filling that rival shonen role that makes Vegeta from Dragonball or Grimmjow from Bleach so memorable. However, unlike other shonen rivals, Bakugou does want to do well despite him constantly bullying Deku in the early parts of the story. It’s also generally accepted that the rival character in these shonen anime will temporarily join the villain group. At the same time, they find themselves as a character. Bakugou broke this trope by deciding he would never join villains, even with their promise to make his dreams a reality.

Though Bakugou bullies Deku for a lot of the early story, he does develop a genuine respect for him. He smiles at the thought of him succeeding the more the story goes on. He, too, wants to be the number one hero but clearly has his own strategy for doing that. 

Bakugou Makeup Tutorial | My Hero Academia

What is the most famous quote from Bakugou?

1. “I won’t do something I don’t want to even if I’m only faking it.”

2. “Come at me seriously!”

3. “No matter who it is, I won’t let them catch up to me, let alone get ahead ff me!”

4. “I’ll beat you with an indisputable difference!”

5. “I only look at victory! That’s all!”