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The Baby Driver costume comes from the movie of the same name. It refers to the outfits that the main character, Baby, commonly wears.

In Baby Driver, Baby, who is played by Ansel Elgort, was once a getaway driver. He also has a tendency to steal cars.

He is a quality getaway driver who can evade even the swiftest police chases as long as he has the right music going.

Part of him wants to quit his lifestyle and live a normal life. He has a love interest named Deborah that he wants to run off with.

You’ll Need:

  1. Baby Driver Jacket
  2. White T-Shirt
  3. Relaxed Fit Jeans
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Light Brown Shoelaces
  6. Apple EarPods Headphones
  7. Navy Sneakers

DIY Baby Driver Costume Guide

The Baby Driver costume is an easy one to pull off. Continue reading to learn about how to create your own.

To kick off the Baby Driver costume, you should get the iconic Baby Driver jacket. Under the jacket, you can wear a white cotton t-shirt.

For the bottom, you will need relaxed-fit jeans paired with navy sneakers with light brown shoelaces.

Baby keeps his style simple and doesn’t accessorize much. One thing that he wears often is a pair of polarized sunglasses to keep the sun out of his eyes while he drives.

Finally, you can get a pair of white Apple earphones that you can either connect to a music player or let sit loosely in your pocket as if you were listening to music the way he constantly does.

Baby Driver Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Driver Cosplay Costume

The Baby Driver costume consists of the casual kind of attire that Baby often wears. There is a chance you already have some of the pieces in your wardrobe, making it a good costume for beginners.

The casual nature of the outfit also makes it well-suited for those who like to be comfortable all day. You can also wear it as a more subtle daytime cosplay.

If you want to make the costume stand out a little more, you could have a friend or girlfriend dress up as Baby’s love interest, Deborah.

Baby Driver Costume

About Baby Driver

Baby is a character in the movie, Baby Driver. He has been a getaway driver in Atlanta for a long time.

Before he was behind the wheel, he was in a car accident that claimed the lives of both of his parents. He walked away with a severe case of tinnitus.

To combat the shrill and incessant sound, Baby always wears a pair of headphones with music playing to drown it out.

One day, Baby stole a car from someone named Doc, who is a criminal mastermind, which led to some trouble for him.

Baby is thinking about leaving their life for the woman he loves, but it’s never that simple.

What is the most famous quote from Baby Driver?

1. “Sometimes all I want to do is head west on twenty in a car I can’t afford with a plan I don’t have. Just me, my music and the road.”

2. “Well, then, you have us all beat. Every damn song is about you. We could drive back and forth across the States forever and never run out of Baby songs.”

3. “Wait, wait, wait! I got to start the song over.”

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