Average Joes: The Outcast Team

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A group of outcasts decides to compete with each other in a dodgeball game in Las Vegas. They hope to win enough money to buy their fitness club from the haughty White Goodman. White Goodman is a fitness freak and the holder of said Globo Gym. The winner of the dodgeball game will take home…

You’ll Need:

  1. Average Joe’s Jersey
  2. Sweatband Set
  3. Red Dodgeball
  4. Multi-Purpose Bandanas
  5. Stripe Tube Socks

DIY Average Joes Costume Guide

It doesn’t make a difference what kind of occasion you’re going to. The yellow and red collaborating attire from the film DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story is sure to get people looking in your direction. It’s not surprising that many people want to try out playing the role of The Average Joe the next day. As a result, without further ado, start by looking at the Average Joes costume reference before competing against Globo Gym.

Start with the Average Joe’s Jersey and Stripe Tube Socks. Then, add Sweatband Set, Multi-Purpose Bandanas, and Red Dodgeball to finish the iconic look.

Average Joes Cosplay Costume

It should go without simply stating that this outfit is ideal for use in a cosplay that involves more than one person. Because the Average Joes are a group, you can include a sizable number of individuals. Don’t be shy about inviting your mates to participate in a dodgeball match with you. You will perform effectively in a team if you do.

To accomplish your look and make it appear as though you are an integral part of the group, you will need a few critical pieces of equipment. In addition to playing dodgeball, you will need a sweatband set, an Average Joe’s jersey, a headband, and the signature red playground ball. It is not at all difficult. To pull off this costume, you won’t need any make-up or cosmetics, and the outfit can be purchased reasonably.

average joes costume

About Average Joes from Dodgeball

Peter LaFleur is the proprietor of Joe’s, a modest fitness center in which there are only a select few representatives. When LaFleur fails to cover the loan on his fitness center, his competitor White Goodman, who possesses the Globo Gym from across the street, purchases it. To save the fitness center from being converted into such a car park, Peter sought to generate $50,000 within only a few days. In order to save the business from foreclosing, Gordon implies holding a dodgeball match to raise the necessary funds.

After that, White Goodman starts following the Average Joes around and highly interconnects his dodgeball squad to compete against the Average Joes. Throughout the journey of the competition, the Average Joe endures a few defeats. Still, in the final moment, they are able to compete against Globo Gym and advance to the championship round. If you want to know not if the Average Joes come out on top, you should watch the movie to determine the answer to that question.

Average Joes Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Dodgeball?

1. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

2. “Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.”

3. “L for ‘love.’ Good times.”

4. “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody!”

5. “I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

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