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The Anne Wheeler costume can be worn in cosplay or at a party if you are a trapeze artist or a fan of circus acts.

An important character in The Greatest Showman is Anne Wheeler. She performs trapeze acts as part of Barnum’s circus performances. It is common for her to perform trapeze stunts while singing as well.

Her introverted nature is surprising considering she is an artist. Aside from the racism that she is experiencing in the present moment, the time in which she is living can also hurt her self-confidence outside of the drama stage as well.

It is because of the color of her skin that many people turn a blind eye to her and her brother. The experiences she has had are what have made Anne the soft-spoken, introverted, and private person she is today.

You’ll Need:

  1. Anne Wheeler Cosplay Costume
  2. Sparkle Fishnet Stockings
  3. Pink Wig
  4. Pink Wristband
  5. Dance Shoes

DIY Anne Wheeler Costume Guide

Anne Wheeler is one of the most popular characters in The Greatest Showman.

The outfit that people most often mimic when cosplaying Anne Wheeler is mainly associated with her. Throughout this guide, you will find photographs of Anne Wheeler’s performance outfit.

The pink wig Anne wears at the performance complements the bright purple costume and sparkle fishnet stockings she wears, so she can stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to get pink wristbands and dance shoes in gold for the Anne Wheeler costume.

Anne Wheeler Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Anne Wheeler Cosplay Costume

The Greatest Showman has seen Anne Wheeler wear various outfits. The performance outfit she wears symbolizes this and boosts her confidence at the same time.

The leotard has a glittering gold design on the chest area and is covered with a see-through cloth. In addition to the purple leotard and skin-tone tights, the cosplay set will include a purple cropped cloak worn by Anne Wheeler.

An armband in purple and a wristband in pink are included with the Anne Wheeler costume. Her performance outfit is topped off by the short pink curl wig Anne Wheeler wears for her costume.

Anne’s outfit deserves the spotlight, of course! The performer will be surrounded by other circus freaks, including P. T. Barnum, Tom Thumb, Phillip Carlyle, Lettie Lutz, and W. D. Wheeler. With a costume like this, you’re sure to fill the seats!

Anne Wheeler Costume

About Anne Wheeler

As part of the cast of The Greatest Showman, Zendaya plays the role of Anne Wheeler. In the movie, a great showman’s life story is told through the eyes of P. T. Barnum.

The movie went relatively unnoticed at first before gaining a great deal of popularity once it was released.

Anne Wheeler falls madly in love with an aristocratic white man named Phillip Carlyle. In a world in which racial discrimination is common, they are put through a test of love.

Anne is shocked that Phillip has such an opinion of her and believes they could never be in love. It causes an immediate rift between Phillip’s parents when they see them together in public.

Taking chances and letting go of her fears is key to Anne’s success. The only way to make an impact is to use her voice instead of waiting for society’s approval.

What is the most famous quote from Anne Wheeler?

1. “Everyone’s got an act.”

2. “We’re bound to break and my hands are tied.”

3. “It’s not just them. You’ve never had anyone look at you the way your parents just looked at me. The way everyone would look at us.”

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