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For anyone interested in cosplaying an iconic manga protagonist at a convention, Dragon Ball’s Android 17 costume makes a great choice. 

A character in Dragon Ball Z, called Lapis or Android 17, is a character who is the main antagonist in the Androids arc of the Cell Saga. In the Dragon Ball Z universe, he is one of the most important characters, alongside his twin sister, Android 18.

Son Goku’s sister and Dr. Geros were created as weapons by Dr. Geros. However, Dr. Geros was killed by Android 17 after two androids were uninterested in what he wanted. Since Android 17 was one of those annoying villains, he wasn’t a very popular character. After making an appearance in Dragon Ball Super and playing an important role, his popularity skyrocketed.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Long Sleeves Shirt
  2. Black T-Shirt
  3. Android 17 Cosplay Wig
  4. Neckerchief Scarf
  5. Blue Jeans
  6. Badge Patch
  7. Belt with Holster
  8. Red Belt
  9. Green Slouch Socks
  10. Blue Sneakers

DIY Android 17 Costume Guide

Android 17 is shown mostly wearing one iconic outfit, like many other Dragon Ball Z characters. Upon resurfacing in both Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, he changed his appearance slightly. 

Start off with an Android 17 cosplay wig and orange neckerchief scarf to nail his iconic look.

Then, the long-sleeved white shirt is worn underneath a black t-shirt that has a Dragon Ball Z red ribbon mark patch on it.

For the bottom, pair with blue jeans, green slouch socks, and blue sneakers.

Finally, equip yourself with red belt and belt with holster to complete the whole look.

Android 17 Cosplay Costume

In look, Android 17 resembles his fraternal twin sister, who has fair skin. The boy stands about average height, but he is a little taller than his twin sister, as well as having a slim build.

Among his features are shoulder-length dark hair, thin eyebrows, and blue eyes that are narrow at the edges.

Most of the items needed to complete this look can already be found in your closet.

Including 17’s sister, Android 18, or nemesis, Dr. Gero, would make sense if you’re looking to do a group cosplay. In addition to his niece Marron, Kuririn, his brother-in-law, might also be a good choice.

Android 17 Costume

About Android 17

It appeared that Android 17 was a ruthless anarchist, but in reality, he was just another rebel. In addition to panicking, he negatively affects his moods.

The first time he made an appearance, much of his decision-making was driven by his search for Goku and their attempt to exterminate him.

As for Android 18, he did not accept Semi-Perfect Cell’s invitation to join him, because he hated his cybernetics.

Probably as a result of the traumatic experience Gero caused him after he was kidnapped. Gero may have turned him into an Android in part because, as a non-natural, he was attracted to nature.

Android 17 Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Android 17?

1. “Don’t mess with me!” “Let’s see how you handle me now.” “There!” “Get outta here!”

2. “And what do you want now?”

3. “16 has been programmed to destroy Goku. So that’s what we’re going to do.”

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