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Amanda Ann is the player’s daughter in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a relationship simulation game, produced and published by Game Grumps. Players will play a single father who is raising his daughter alone.

Players will meet the charming neighbors of the town and start a romantic story with one of them.

This 18-year-old daughter is aspiring to study art and photography in college, but will all that fall apart if someone new enters the family?

Using this costume guide, you’ll be able to look like an aspiring photographer at any event.

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Bomber Jacket
  2. Gray Tree T-Shirt
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Yellow Chiffon Head Scarf
  5. Sergeant Stripes Patch
  6. Panda Pins Badge
  7. Fried Egg Pins Badge
  8. Choker Necklace
  9. Yellow Sneaker

DIY Amanda Dream Daddy Costume Guide

Start off with a green bomber jacket with a sergeant stripes patch, and layering a gray tree t-shirt underneath

To make the jacket identical, the egg and panda patches need to be worn on it.

Then, nail her hipster style with blue jeans and yellow sneakers.

Finally, add choker necklace and yellow chiffon head scarf to finish your own Amanda Dream Daddy costume.

Amanda Dream Daddy Cosplay + Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Amanda Dream Daddy Cosplay Costume

You will need some accessories for your costume to be as artistic as Amanda’s.

There are some patches on her Pilot Jacket, so you will need the panda pin badge and the fried egg pin badge as she has them.

A yellow chiffon head scarf highlights Amanda’s brown hair as well as her dark skin, which has freckles all over.

Keep the “Dream Daddy” theme going at your next cosplay event. You can invite your friends to dress up as the characters in the game, like Damian Bloodmarch, Brian Harding, Hugo Vega, Craig Cahn, Mat Sella, Joseph Christiansen, etc.

Amanda Dream Daddy Costume

About Amanda From Dream Daddy

Amanda is the player’s daughter in a relationship simulation game, Dream Daddy.

In the famous dad dating game, Amanda Ann, sometimes called “Amanda Panda,” features as a character. A high school student of 18, she is in her senior year.

In the game, the player-controlled single dad can date seven different single fathers, and each dad has multiple endings.

What is the most famous quote from Amanda Dream Daddy?

1. “Thinking about them spending mornings together as a family, don’t mind me.”


3. “Dad…” Suvi mumbled, obviously embarrassed, but she did shake hands with the Dad. “Nice to meet you.”

4. “This is my second youngest Lilja! She is studying to become an art teacher and has piercings!”

5. “Holy shit. There are more…! “

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