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Fans of My Hero Academia will love the All Might costume. All Might, whose real name is Toshinori Yagi, is one of the recurring characters in the My Hero Academia during the Hideout Raid Arc.

All Might holds the title of the World Symbol of Peace and is the former number-one professional hero. Today, he teaches at the U.A. Secondary school, heading the class Foundational Hero Studies.

At one point, he became the eighth person to own the One for All Quirk after he got it from Nana Shimura. Since this happened, he has given it to his successor, Izuku Midoriya. This bold character is a popular choice for cosplaying for fans of the anime. If All Might is your favorite hero in My Hero Academia, then you can cosplay him easily.

You’ll Need:

  1. All Might Bodysuit
  2. All Might Wig
  3. All Might Boot

DIY All Might Cosplay Guide

As a powerful character with a bold personality, All Might is one of the most popular My Hero Academia characters. Below, we will show you just how to create your very own All Might costume.

Because of the detailed nature of the costume, you will need to buy a replica suit. You could get a simple body suit and get creative by painting and altering it otherwise.

There are hints of yellow on his otherwise blue, red, and white costume. You can match the costume with a pair of bright yellow boots.

On his head, All Might has wild, spiky hair. It is a yellow-blonde color. Get a wig that is the same color and style it to look like his own for the best results.

All Might Cosplay Costume

Those who love traditional hero costumes are sure to love the All Might costume. It is bold and colorful, covering the entire body like a classic costume.

The costume is bright and eye-catching, which works well with how prominent of a person he is in the My Hero Academia universe. To make this costume even more special, you can have other people dress up as characters from My Hero Academia, like Bakugou, Dabi, and Shigaraki. One of the best choices for this would be the character that he mentors, known as Izuku Midoriya.

Personalized Gift with Your Favorite Character

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All Might Cosplay

About All Might

All Might, who goes by the name Toshinori Yagi, is a recurring character in the anime, My Hero Academia. He has the title of World Symbol of Peace and was the eighth person to possess the One for All quirk.

This quirk is one he passed on to the character known as Izuku Midoriya. This character became the mentee of All Might, who he is training to be his successor. In the past, he once held the title of the number one professional hero. Today, he serves as a professor at the U.A Secondary School. He teaches the course Foundation of Hero Studies.

All Might Cosplay in Real Life | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from All Might?

1. ”It is fine now. Why? Because i am here!

2. “Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from the experience is a part of life!”

3. ”I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me.“

4. “The most inflated egos are often the most fragile.”

5. ”If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists!“

6. “You are on your own path toward greatness. As your teacher, I must walk beside you!”