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The Alex Weiss costume is an interesting choice for any lover of the Tomb Raider video game franchise. He is a supporting character.

Alex Weiss’ job is as a technician on the research vessel known as the Endurance. He is a nerdy and geeky person who learned how to hack into systems at the age of nine.

Lara Croft, the main character of the franchise, found him to be quite useful throughout the games. This was especially true when the team tried to discover Yamatai, a lost kingdom.

When the game neared its end, Alex Weiss was selfless and saved the team from the Solarii Brotherhood by sacrificing his own life.

You’ll Need:

  1. Baseball Shirt
  2. Clear Lens Glasses
  3. Straight Fit Jeans
  4. Tactical Backpack
  5. Brown Belt
  6. Black Silicone Bracelets
  7. Iron on Letter Patches
  8. Black Sneakers

DIY Alex Weiss Costume Guide

Though he was only a side character in the franchise, Alex Weiss gained many fans.

To begin the costume, you will need to find the 3/4 length baseball tee that Alex wears. It has black sleeves. Use iron on letter patches and add the “Esc” computer key as its graphic to the shirt.

On his lower half, he wears a simple pair of faded blue jeans. Alex keeps the jeans supported around his waist with the help of a simple brown belt.

On his feet, Alex Weiss wears a pair of black Converse sneakers. Alex wears a military green backpack to keep all of his gear neatly organized. He also wears a pair of nerdy black full rim glasses.

Finally, find some black silicone bracelets to polish off his look. These minor accessories are his only ones.

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Alex Weiss Cosplay Costume

Because of his nerdy personality and appearance, the Alex Weiss costume is a good choice for cosplayers who also consider themselves to be nerds.

Not only is it a casual nerd style, but it is comfortable as well. Due to the laid back nature of his ensemble, those who wear the Alex Weiss are sure to stay comfy the whole night through.

This Alex Weiss costume can be improved by having some friends dress up as other characters from the gamem, most notably, Lara Croft.

Alex Weiss Costume

About Alex Weiss

Alex Weiss is a supporting character in the video game franchise, Tomb Raider. He works on the research vessel as the tech guy.

Alex Weiss is very smart. He learned how to hack into computer systems at the age of nine. These skills have translated to his job aboard the vessel.

Time and time again, he has proven to be a valuable asset. This was especially true when he saved the crew from the Solarii Brotherhood by sacrificing his own life. Other times, it was his knowledge and research that secured the team’s success.

What is the most famous quote from Alex Weiss?

1. “How often does a guy like me get to be a hero? The others are counting on us. Go! Now!”

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