Last-Minute Aladdin Costume Idea

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  1. Purple Vest
  2. Red Fez Hat
  3. Aladdin Harem Pants
  4. Red Renaissance Sash
  5. Aladdin’s Genie Lamp

Easy DIY Aladdin Costume Guide

Aladdin, voicеd by Scott Wеingеr, is the main character in Disnеy’s 1992 animatеd film Aladdin. Aladdin is portrayed as a street rascal who is asked to retrieve a magical lamp with a genie inside it. Aladdin used Genie’s help to turn his life around to win the love of the daughter of the Sultan, Princess Jasmine.

To dress like Aladdin, you will need a Red Fez Hat, No Pocket Purple Vest, Renaissance Red Ribbon, and Harem Pants. Grab a brass Genie Lamp to nail the iconic look for the complete Aladdin costume.

About Aladdin

Originally a street rat in Agrabah, Aladdin spent his youth navigating the challenges of finding food and avoiding guards, accompanied by his monkey companion, Abu. Forced to survive on the streets, Aladdin becomes a skilled thief, often sharing his stolen goods with the less fortunate.

He befriends a powerful genie who can grant him three wishes. Despite the temptation for wealth and power, Aladdin promises to use his third wish to free the Genie, revealing his kind nature.

Transformed into Prince Ali, Aladdin attempts to win Jasmine’s heart, but complications arise. Jafar manipulates events, exposing Aladdin as a street rat. Banished, he confronts Jafar and his insecurities, outsmarting Jafar in a climactic battle.

By the movie’s end, Aladdin confesses his true identity to Jasmine. He chooses honesty over a princely facade; Aladdin’s selfless wish frees the Genie, earning him Jasmine’s love and trust. Their engagement symbolizes the triumph of love and truth in the beautiful city of Agrabah.

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