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  1. Akaza Costume
  2. Akaza Wig
  3. Plum Red Nail Paint
  4. Red Pearl Anklet
  5. Blue Body Paint

Easy DIY Akaza Cosplay Guide

The Demon Akaza is a primary supporting antagonist in the Demon Slayer series. He is a member of the Twelve Kizuki and holds the Upper Rank Three position. Before becoming a Demon, Akaza was a human named Hakuji. He was a prodigious martial artist who trained under his master, Keizo. During this time, he was also nursing his master’s daughter, Koyuki. The two’s relationship developed, and she became Akaza’s fiancée.

To dress like Akaza, get started with an Akaza Costume, including the Top, Jacket, Pants, gloves, and main Accessories needed. Follow up with an Akaza Cosplay Wig, a Short Dark Pink piece. Get a pair of vibrant Red Pearl Anklets to go above your feet as well. Next, procure some White and Dark Blue Body Paint to mimic his pale complexion and draw on all the Line Patterns. Finally, get some Plum Red Nail Paint to decorate your nails.

About Akaza From Demon Slayer

While he hasn’t had much screen time since the Mugen Train Arc, Akaza has long since become a Demon icon. Akaza is portrayed as a very headstrong, stubborn, and battle-crazed being. He is a Social Darwinist who enjoys fighting, especially against strong Demon Slayers.

Because of this, he purposefully draws out fights to savor every moment and always compliments opponents who use robust techniques, or land blows on him. At the same time, he looks down on anyone he deems weak.

Due to his past, Akaza possesses extraordinary skill in unarmed combat and bare-fisted martial arts. His Blood Demon Art, Destructive Death, combines the manipulation of destructive shockwaves with the Soryu Martial Arts Style.

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