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The Abuelita costume is perfect for anyone who loves the Disney Pixar movie, Coco. She is one of the supporting characters in the film.

Abuelita is the grandmother of Miguel Rivera. Miguel has been learning guitar in secret. He wants to become a musician, but music is banned where he comes from.

When Abuelita finds out what he has been doing, she breaks his guitar. Just like her own grandmother, Abuelita is very strict about the ban that the family has put on music.

It turns out that the reason that the family has banned music is because of a sad and difficult history. Throughout the movie, they move past this, and music eventually comes back into her life.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Plaid Apron
  2. Short Sleeve Floral Dress
  3. Brown Sandals
  4. Old Lady Wig

DIY Abuelita Costume Guide

If you love the feisty character of Abuelita, you can easily dress like her. Follow the steps below to make your own Abuelita costume.

There are only four pieces to the Abuelita costume. The first piece you will need is a blue floral print nightgown. This dress can be worn as the main layer.

Over top of the dress, you can wear the red and white checkered apron that Abuelita dons.  Then, put on an old lady wig to match the look.

Finally, she wears a pair of brown sandals. These are the same ones she takes off to threaten people with, so you may need to expect to do that at some point.

Abuelita Scene – Coco | Halloween Costume Ideas

Abuelita Cosplay Costume

Those who love the casual and comfortable style that grandmothers often wear will love the Abuelita costume. Abuelita dresses in a comfortable frock-style dress that is easy to move around in.

Because of the nature of her outfit, it’s a good choice for anyone who likes to be comfortable. It is also an excellent choice for new cosplayers since there aren’t very many pieces to the costume at all.

In fact, you will only need four things to make your own Abuelita costume. This not only makes it easier but also makes it less expensive.

Enhance your costume with your friends dressed up as other characters from the movie, Coco, and make a colorful group costume. There are many to choose from, like Miguel Rivera, Mamá Imelda Rivera, Departures Agent, Tío Berto, etc.

Abuelita costume

About Abuelita from Coco

Abuelita is one of the characters in the Disney Pixar movie, Coco. She is an old woman who appears to be mostly warm-hearted.

Abuelita loves her family very much, especially Miguel. Miguel tries to pursue his dream of becoming a famous musician, even though there is a ban on music in his family.

Taking it personally, Abuelita ends up breaking Miguel’s guitar when she finds out what he is learning in secret. She is quite strict about upholding the ban that the family has on music. Her own grandmother taught her this.

In the end, the family heals from their past issues with music and invites it back into the family.

What is the most famous quote from Abuelita?

1. “We are like the phoenix,” said Abuelita. “Rising again, with a new life ahead of us.”

2. “Do not be afraid to start over.”

3. “When I was your age, I left Spain with my mother, father, and sisters. We had to take several ships and the journey lasted months. When we arrived, nothing was as promised. There were many hard times. But life was also exciting. And we had each other.”

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